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What’s In My Diaper Bag?

A young mother with her children in the park.A well-stocked diaper bag is a must-have for any mom, whether you are traveling, heading out for the day, enjoying a family outing, or just making your way through activities and errands. However, it’s easy for your diaper bag, just like your purse, to become laden down with random items, leaving you searching for what you really need when you really need it!

So, let’s stock your diaper bag so that you always have the right things at the right time. So, what’s in my diaper bag, you ask –

  • Diapers and Wipes: This is an obvious necessity; the bag is even named for these essential items. You want to allow for changes, at least every few hours (every 1-2 hours when your baby is young). So stock diapers with that in mind. With wipes, carry these in re-sealable baggies which take up much less room than bulky plastic containers. Baby wipes will be your best friend from diaper changes to wiping sticky faces and hands or even when you spill your coffee in the car!
  • Changing Pad & Diaper Cream: Regardless of where you go, at some point, you will be changing your child in a bathroom where you’re truly scared to touch anything else. For days like this and all the times in between, carry a soft, foldable changing pad. It’s much more sanitary to bring your own rather than putting your baby’s bum where many others have been. Diaper cream is a must have so that your little one doesn’t develop rashes or chafe; travel sizes are great for when you’re on the go and easy to restock.

    diaper rash treatment - bottom balm
    No diaper bag is complete without baby’s diaper rash cream to protect baby’s bottom.
  • Diaper Disposal Bags: So, now you’ve changed your little one and you’ve got this smelly, dirty diaper. Whether you use a nice, scented diaper disposal bag, sealable baggies or even just plastic grocery bags, you want to have a place to put the diaper, just in case there’s no trash can handy. These bags are also lifesavers when you need to make a wardrobe change for your child.
  • Spare Outfit: Speaking of wardrobe changes, you always want to carry an extra change of clothes for your baby. Whether it’s a diaper blowout or a big spill, reflux or projectile vomiting, you will use the spare outfit more than you know. One thing to remember – as the weather and your baby’s size changes, change out the outfits so that you always have what you need.
  • Food and Water: Whether it’s formula, breastmilk, sippy cups or bottles, you always want to be prepared for feeding time. That also includes snacks and other foods when your baby starts eating solids. You never know when your plans change and your day extends for longer than you thought. If you think adults get “hangry,” wait until you hear your hungry baby wail!
  • The Little Things: For this, we mean the pacifiers, small toys, blankets and other “loveys” that make your child’s world go round. You don’t want to pack an entire toy box but have some items your baby loves or small toys with which your child can play. A book or two is always good to have.
  • Safety Girl: Yes, you want to be a safety mom because you never know what can happen. We’re not talking a huge first aid kit but sunscreen (your baby’s skin is precious and oh-so-delicate), Band-Aids and some tissues. Also, throw in some hand sanitizer – not for your child – but for you and those times your hands are full or soap and water is not an option.
  • Get Personal: As you can imagine, your diaper bag is a bit large, hopefully with pockets, zippers and various compartments to keep you organized. That being said, you may not want to carry an additional purse or handbag. For that, have a compartment where you can throw in your wallet, car keys, sun glasses and phone (or whatever necessities you need). This eliminates the amount of gear you need to haul around because yes, you also have your baby!

These items are the critical things you need in your diaper bag. The pitfall that many moms encounter? Not changing out their diaper bag and having that “I used the last one” moment! Or, opening the diaper bag to find Thursday’s dirty diaper in there – on a Tuesday! Your diaper bag is one of your best friends as a mom. So, treat it well, keep it organized, check it often and restock frequently.

Happy Parenting!

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