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Baby Travel Essentials: What to Bring When Traveling With An Infant

iStock_000001565107_SmallIt’s spring break time and that means lots of warm weather travel with little ones. But traveling with baby to the grocery store or playground can be daunting enough without having to worry about what to bring. Never fear! Here is a handy, dandy packing list for baby that covers the basic baby travel essentials. There are lots of very comprehensive, everything you could ever think of lists out there. We are giving you just the basic essentials so you’ll know what to bring when traveling with an infant. The things you cannot live without. Don’t worry. We will get your mind off the packing list and have you dreaming of sandy beaches and palm trees in no time!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

There’s nothing worse than a crying baby on an airplane – for you and the rest of the passengers. Here’s what to bring to head that scenario off, as well as to keep everyone cool, calm and collected on the road:

  • Diapers.  We cannot say this enough. Pack one per hour of intended time in travel. Then pack another 3-6 extras in case of delays. You do not want a wet, dirty baby on a plane or in the car. And remember everything that goes with them – the usual suspects in your diaper bag. Changing pad, wipes, diaper cream. You get the picture this content.
  • A change of clothes for both of you. You and your baby will want to get out of messy clothes if you’ve got to sit on the plane or in the car.
  • Plastic bags in several sizes for the messy items. Wet bags are also great for this purpose.
  • Bottles, if you are using them. You’ll need enough to make it through the flight or car ride based on your feeding schedule. Bring 2-3 extra in case of delays. The formula to go in them goes without saying.
  • Breastfeeding cover up, if you are breastfeeding.
  • Books, toys and DVDs. Anything to keep that little one entertained. Make sure you have enough to rotate them during the trip, as spans of attention are short.
  • Snacks or food if he’s eating solids. Again, plan for the scheduled length of the trip and then pack 2-3 more in case of delays.
  • Pacifiers, loveys and blankets in case he sleeps.
  • Extra pacifiers if your baby uses them. You can never have too many.
  • For you: snacks, water, a sweater or jacket, and DVDs in case he sleeps. Remember that a lot of flights do not offer free food, drinks and entertainment any more. You’re on your own.
  • Car seat. If you decide you don’t need it on the flight, you can always check it at the gate. You’re going to need it at your destination anyway.
  • A collapsible stroller to use in the airport. You can check it at the gate.

At Your Destination

This list doesn’t end just because the travel portion is over. You’re going to need a lot of the same items you have at home no matter where you are staying. You don’t necessarily need access to these items in transit, but you’ll be glad you have them once you’ve arrived.

  •  A portable crib or play yard so your baby has somewhere safe to sleep or play.
  • Sheets and blankets for the crib.
  • Clothes, socks and booties or shoes. Plan on 1-2 outfits per day. You might want to pack each outfit in a separate gallon baggie to save hunting for tiny items later.
  • Washable bibs
  • Sunhat
  • Swimsuit and waterproof diapers if you plan to swim.
  • A baby carrier like a sling or front carrier. You are going to need your hands free at some point.
  • More diapers. Plan on the number of diapers you typically use on a daily basis, and then pack a couple extra per day.
  • You’ll want this for changing diapers in the middle of the night.
  • A first aid kit. You will want to bring baby Motrin, Tylenol and Benadryl, as well as Band-Aids. Pack medicines in zip lock bags in case of leaks.
  • Baby wash, lotion and antibacterial hand gel. You can pack all toiletries in plastic bags to avoid leaks. Make sure you adhere to TSA guidelines if you are traveling by airplane.

    Baby Pibu Daily Care Travel Set
    Baby Pibu’s Daily Care Travel Set has the basics you need on your trip in TSA approved sizes – in a handy zipper bag. Just throw in your bag and go!
  • Inflatable baby bathtub. This will help tremendously when giving a bath in a new, large tub.
  • Your pediatrician’s phone number. Add this to your contacts if it’s not there already. You’ll want to talk with her quickly if you have any questions while you’re away.
  • Your camera and all chargers for capturing memories on your trip.

Traveling with little ones can cause you to pull your hair out, but it will be worth it in the end. Don’t worry about the packing. You’ll get the hang of it quickly and will be able to toss items in a suitcase in no time. Enjoy travel with your little one. You’ll be making memories to last a lifetime.


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