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What Should I Put on my Registry?

Pregnant woman and man in baby shop looking for stroller to buyAh, the Baby Registry. This is your opportunity to request and receive all the equipment and supplies that you will need when your new little bundle of joy arrives. While many women enjoy shopping, picking up the scanner to create your baby registry can be a little overwhelming. As you are perusing various brands, styles, ratings and reviews, you are probably asking yourself “Do I really need that?” or “Will I really use that?” or “What should I put on my registry?” as you look at the hundreds of options available.  

To help you streamline the process, we have compiled what we think every baby registry should have so that you are stocked and prepared when Baby comes!

Feeding: Whether you breastfeed or formula feed your child, bottles will become your new best friend. Be sure to have several, along with a bottle brush, so that you have plenty to use without constantly washing them. If you are using formula, ask your pediatrician for a recommendation and then stock up on your registry. For nursing moms, you will want a quality breast pump, along with nursing bras, a nursing pillow for comfortable breast-feeding and probably some nipple cream. Bibs and burp cloths are a must-have as what goes into your baby will most likely come out throughout the day!

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Changing: We have one word for you – diapers, diapers and more diapers! Whether they come in the box, a bag or in the creative form of a diaper cake, you will want and need these in various sizes! Along with those, you’ll need a diaper bag with good compartments and storage (stocking your diaper bag) so you can transport everything your baby needs when you go out and about. It’s a good idea to register for several changing pads (one to be in the wash and one in your diaper bag), along with a healthy supply of diaper wipes. If you plan to use a changing table in the nursery, be sure to register for a changing pad and a couple of covers so that your baby has a soft surface on which to lie. While it may seem fun, especially if you like gadgets, you can probably forego the diaper wipe warmer as more often than not, you’re changing your baby in various locations and not by the warmer. Last but definitely not least, be sure to have diaper ointment or cream in steady supply as babies and diaper rash go hand in hand (how to prevent diaper rash).

Sleeping: So, after your little one has been fed and changed, surely sleep should be the next to-do on her list. To prepare for this, you want a quality, safe crib. We recommend that you avoid used or second-hand cribs as safety guidelines may have changed or parts could be faulty. With the crib, you’ll need a mattress and at least two waterproof mattress pads; again, buy in pairs as all too often, one may be in the laundry. After that, the only other thing you really need are a few mattress sheets. Experts discourage the use of crib bumpers or pillows as those can be unsafe and increase an infant’s chance of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Your baby should be dressed or swaddled appropriately each night, so even blankets are unnecessary and can be a potential hazard. As a new parent, you will most likely want to watch your child’s every waking – and many sleeping – moment, so be sure to register for a baby monitor. Today’s monitors include many options, including video screens, portability features and two-way communication.  

Safety and Health: Your baby’s safety is your first priority and with this, comes some must-have equipment, starting with a rear-facing car seat that has a 5-point harness. Even before you take your baby home, the hospital staff will ensure you have a car seat for safe transportation. Once home, be sure that your medicine cabinet is prepared for an infant, complete with baby thermometer (typically a rectal thermometer), a baby First Aid Kit, a nasal aspirator and nail clippers. It is also good to have infant pain medicine (like Infant Tylenol) on hand, but with a new baby, you do not want to dispense anything without first talking with your pediatrician.

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Bath Time: You may find it hard to believe that your registry list is still growing, especially since we haven’t even tackled bath time yet! For this occasion, you will want to have an infant tub or seat so that your child can be up, out of the water. Additionally, register for some baby washcloths and hooded towels as these are perfect for wrapping up and snuggling your baby after her bath. Bath time should become part of your nightly routine (tips on how to bathe a baby), and for this, you’ll want supplies. Toiletry items like baby wash and shampoo, along with an after-bath moisturizer will not only clean your baby but also keep her delicate skin soft and healthy (best baby skin care products).

Wardrobe: Ironically enough, we’ve gone through so many necessary registry items and not even gotten to clothing yet. As precious as those little baby clothes are, many moms find that they use the same basics over and over again. These include several onesies that snap at the bottom; you’ll use these by themselves, as a first layer or as a shirt for your little one. As a new mom, you will discover that there are always onesies in your wash! Along with these, you’ll want several pairs of footie pajamas so your baby can feel safe and snuggly at nighttime. One-piece rompers, either with leg snaps or side snaps are great because they are cute, functional and still allow easy access for diaper changing. While baby shoes are precious, the odds are that you won’t need these early on; instead, baby booties or socks are good to cover your little one’s feet yet are easy for you to put on and take off. While you’re at it, be sure to register for a sun hat (babies should always be protected from the sun, regardless of age) and a winter hat so your child will be warm when it’s cold. And of course, you’ll want to select some cute outfits for your baby, but don’t go overboard! You’ll find that many people will give clothes as gifts and often your baby may outgrow her clothes before she’s even able to wear them all. Again, this is a good reason to stick to the basics and go light on the picture perfect outfits.

For Fun: Last but definitely not least, there are a myriad of ways to play with and entertain your baby. A baby bouncer, exersaucer or activity center are great ways to engage your child in play and the world around her. Soft books introduce a baby to reading yet are also good to gnaw and nibble on! Stroller toys and a baby mirror are great ways to entertain your little one, both on the go and at home. So, be sure to select a few fun items for baby playtime. With time, that list will grow and expand!

A baby is a tiny, little person that comes with a lot of gear! This registry list will ensure that you are prepped and ready as soon as your baby arrives. And after all, who doesn’t love a little shopping?

Happy Parenting!