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Top Tips on How to Hold a Sale

iStock_000003521947SmallSpring has sprung, you’ve made it through the rough retail months, and it’s time to start making up ground! And, what better way to do that than a sale?

Sales are a great retail tool because they get customers – both new and old – into your store. It’s human nature to want to capitalize on a bargain, a freebie, a gimme. So, here are some top tips on how to hold a sale to make sure that your Spring and Summer sales are a smash!

  • Labels are your Friend: Clearly mark your sales items and identify them from the rest of the mix. The quickest way to cause customer confusion and frustration is to have your sale items mismatched with your regularly-priced products. Not to mention, you don’t want to be forced to discount market price, just to keep irritated clients content. So, take time to label and group your discounted items properly.
  • Location, location, location: Have a regular place in the store for your sales tables and displays, ideally in a location where customers need to walk through the rest of your store to access the sale. This not only acquaints customers with all your products, but entices them to buy a regularly priced item to go with their sales item, or vice versa.   For this reason, sales are a great tool when you’re changing out seasonal products, introducing new inventory or product lines.
  • A Sale, not a Yard Sale: A sale shouldn’t mean unwanted, old or used up products, yet all too often, the discount display ends up looking like a neighborhood yard sale at 4pm. Untidy, unkempt and to be quite honest, unattractive. Even with a sale, you want your staff to make sure the displays stay attractive and orderly. So, spend some time and devote some attention to all areas of the store, especially your sales displays.
  • Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs: Signage is one of the best ways to direct people to your store and even within your store. Even if someone isn’t even thinking about buying, the idea of a bargain is too psychologically tempting for many to ignore. So, make sure you have the right signage, both inside and outside your store, and your sale’s sure to be more successful.

This is a great time of year to be making room for new products – out with the old, in with the new – and make a little money while you’re doing it. And who doesn’t love a sale? If done well, it’s a great way to get foot traffic to your store, a reward for current customer loyalty and a carrot to dangle for new clientele. But a sale, just like a new display, takes thought and effort. So, do it well with the right pricing, products and placement. Approach it like a retail professional, and both you and your customers will love the results!


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