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Tips on Making Father’s Day Special

Little girl and father are enjoying reading book togetherIt seems it’s so easy to make Mother’s Day a special day for Mom — hand-made gifts featuring cute photos and fingerprints, a “surprise” homemade breakfast in bed complete with overcooked eggs and burnt toast, all followed by lovely brunch reservations so Mom doesn’t have to cook. A coupon book for special chores, hugs and extra cuddles, spa gift certificates, a mani/pedi, her favorite perfume – the list of possibilities goes on. Then comes June and Father’s Day – ugly ties, cards that reference remote controls and Dad’s ability to pass gas, yet another golf shirt . . . as you can see, the options start to get a little scarce.

If you look at the statistics – and the effort –, it’s easy to see that Mother’s Day trumps Father’s Day. It might be because moms make their requests more known or maybe that family schedules are more scattered once summer hits; it might be that it’s harder to shop for men; or maybe it’s the fact that no matter what, women always win because we “brought new life into this world!” Whatever the reason, Father’s Day usually passes with much less fanfare and celebration than what our dads truly deserve. So this year, in honor of all that Fathers do, we’ve got some tips on making father’s day special, how to make your husband, the father of your children, the man who made you a Mommy, feel extra special!

  • Take it easy: Today’s world is a pressure-cooker and the Dads in our lives definitely experience it firsthand — career, commute, family and new babies, “honey-do” lists and more. It definitely takes a village to raise a family, so it’s no wonder that both you and your husband are constantly exhausted. This Father’s Day, why not let him take it easy – for real? No deadlines, no timeframes, nothing that needs to be fixed or tweaked, no rushing out or being on time. All too often, we try to make the most of our weekends, filling it with family fun and quality time. But every so often, it’s nice to hit the pause button and just fall off the grid for a day. So, why not? Relax, and just be. Your husband will love you for it!
  • Sleep: If you and your husband are new parents, you know how precious this gift really is, but even if he’s celebrating your umpteenth Father’s Day, he’ll appreciate the opportunity to catch up on his Z’s. Let him get some extra rest on his special day – a chance to sleep in or maybe a nap with no limits. Enough said!
  • Cook Up Something Special: They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and that’s not wrong! Father’s Day is a great time to make your hubby a wonderful meal – whether it’s a delicious brunch, a gourmet dinner or just a menu of those “favorite foods” that he so rarely gets to eat. It’s not just about the results; it’s about the effort and spending that extra time to prepare something he loves that will show just how much you appreciate him.
  • Boys and their Toys: No joke – no matter how old boys get, they still love their toys. Maybe it’s the latest Xbox game (and the chance to play it unlimited), a remote controlled helicopter, a drone or a new fishing rod. Whereas women might be swayed with massages and facials, clothes and fashion, guys are more about the fun. So splurge on something he would never get himself – probably because you wouldn’t allow it! It’ll mean the world to him!
  • Crafted with Love: Moms usually have the drawer full of ooey, gooey crafts made with Fruit Loops and macaroni, glitter glue and doilies, but we often leave Dad hanging with nothing. So why not have your child (possibly with your help) make a homemade gift for dad. Photos, handprints, and “I Love Yous” go far, and you can always check Pinterest for some creative, heartfelt ideas. Your husband may not have a shoebox of these lovely trinkets, but he’ll proudly display whatever Junior makes for his #1 Dad.
  • Rekindle the Romance: Sexy lingerie and some alone time for the two of you is probably not what many moms receive for Mother’s Day but think about it — even when it’s the furthest thing from your mind, there’s a good chance your husband is up for a little intimate time with you. If you really want to impress him, plan a romantic evening. Whether it’s actually on Father’s Day or a planned date in the immediate future (followed by a nightcap, of course), he will think you’re the best wife ever!

So there you have it! Some thoughtful, some creative and several fun ways to approach Father’s Day this year. Be that mom on your block that forgoes the unwanted coffee mugs and unneeded polo shirts and show the father of your children just how awesome and appreciated he is!

Happy Father’s Day!



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