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Tips on Diaper Changing

Young mom, changing baby diaper after bath in sunny bedroomWho knew your baby would need so many diaper changes in just one day? A newborn baby may need up to 8 diaper changes a day. Do the math, and you will soon realize that you can go through 60 diapers in a week and almost 250 diapers in baby’s first month! Your baby’s bottom is more delicate and sensitive than an adult’s bottom. Dr. Amy and the Baby Pibu team want to offer a few tips on diaper changing to make it easier for you and to also prevent a dreaded diaper rash.

Here are your few tips on diaper changing:

  • Organize and prepare your changing table. Must-have items include diapers, diaper wipes (or other cleaning product), diaper cream like Baby Pibu’s Bottom Balm, protective ointment like Baby Pibu’s Hydrating Ointment, and hand sanitizer.
  • Always change your baby’s diaper soon after each bowel movement or when the diaper is full of pee. The longer your baby’s skin has contact with pee or poop, the more irritated it will be. Newborns typically pee and poop more often and may need a diaper change every 3 hours.
  • Make sure to move up in diaper size when needed. Small diapers can cause more moisture and irritation to baby’s skin, and this can lead to a diaper rash. Smaller diapers can also lead to a higher chance of leakage.
  • Before taking off the dirty diaper, have the new diaper open and accessible.
  • Remember to clean your baby’s bottom from top to bottom with a diaper wipe. In other words, you want to clean from the cleanest to the dirtiest. For a baby girl, clean from the vulva towards the buttocks, and for the baby boy, clean the penis, scrotum, and then the buttocks.
  • Let your baby’s bottom get some air! This prevents moisture from being trapped and helps to prevent diaper rash.

    Baby Pibu's Hydrating Ointment and Bottom Balm
    Baby Pibu’s Hydrating Ointment and Bottom Balm
  • Place your baby’s bottom in the center of the open clean diaper. Apply an ointment based emollient like Baby Pibu’s Hydrating Ointment with every diaper change. Consider a diaper cream with zinc oxide like Baby Pibu’s Bottom Balm during longer naptimes and if your baby’s bottom was sitting in poop for a long time before a diaper change. After you secure your clean diaper in place, use your finger along the diaper line to make sure there is a good seal. This helps to avoid a diaper leakage.
  • Never leave the changing table at any time during the diaper change! You want to avoid a baby fall.
  • Clean your hands right after that diaper change!

We hope these diaper changing tips make it easier for you and your baby. After just 1 day of diaper changing, you will be a pro!