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A Few Secrets of the Sales Whisperer

Women Whispering SecretsIn the hustle and bustle of the retail industry, sales make the world go round.  Yes, you have other goals – providing a product that works, making customers happy, fulfilling a need, having confidence in what you sell.  But at the end of the day, your business depends on getting the sale.

How do you make that happen?  Behind every great store, there is a great sales team.  And, if you look across the board, you will find common skills and characteristics in your top sellers, regardless of product or industry.  What makes them the best?  What do they have that others may not?

Below are some abilities and attributes, identifiable in all great sales people:

1)      Your best sales person will always greet a customer.  That’s not to say she rushes over and accosts each person who enters the store.  After all, customers know you want to sell them, and often times, they flinch or avoid that meeting.  But, a skilled sales person will always make each customer feel warm and welcome, without being intrusive.

2)      Once upon a time, every person who ever interviewed for a sales position was taught to describe themselves as a “people person.”  At some point, career coaches and advisers realized exactly how silly that sounded but that doesn’t change the general intent of the phrase.  A great sales person is approachable, will engage with customers and is generally interested in what a customer has to say.  They smile, they laugh and they make people want to be around them.

3)      The navy blue suit with a white shirt used to be the “uniform” of a salesperson.  In today’s retail industry, a bit more fashion is permissible, but the bottom line is that a great sales person presents a polished, professional look.  Outlandish outfits and crazy couture belong on the runway, not on your sales floor where your team is establishing trust, credibility and expertise.

4)      A top seller always has a Plan B, or the ability to mitigate a loss.  If the product the customer wants is not available, what’s the next step?  Can it be back-ordered?  Is there something similar?  Are there other locations?  Your successful salesperson can suggest a similar product or advise the customer on other options so that potential sale does not walk out the door.

5)      Each sale creates the possibility of a long term relationship.  Your best sales people do not treat a sale as a one-time event but rather the beginning of a relationship.  Whether it’s automobiles, clothing or baby products, a good sales person recognizes that the first transaction can be one of many.  If your sales team approached each customer as the beginning of a new relationship, imagine the impact it could have on your business!

6)      It’s all about the customer.  No, they’re not always right but they ARE always your customer.  A great sales person makes great customer service their top priority, and understands that customers are at the core of the business.  It’s not about rushing off because your lunch is starting or the store is closing in two minutes.  It’s spending the time to help and serve your patrons – even the difficult or unpleasant people who pass through the door.

So, take a look at your team.  Identify and cultivate these traits.  Train and coach in areas that might be lacking.  Don’t just have a team of sales people; create a group of Sales Whisperers who sell with integrity, consistency, a desire to help and they will succeed.

Happy Selling!   ~ The Baby Pibu™ Team


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