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The Reasons We Love Dad

Happy father and sonMom may be the one who handles most of the late-night feedings and early mornings; Mom knows the schedule inside and out, and can recite the pediatrician’s phone number and address in her sleep. Mom typically does the laundry – even when you’re 20 and in college. And lest you forgot, in moments of high stress, Mom may remind you how she was the one who put her body through the ringer to have these little “bundles of joy.”

But, it takes two to tango, and June is all about Dad! So in honor of the man behind Mom, the guy who makes chocolate chip pancakes and messes up the kitchen “just because”, the person who put together the crib – and then had to take it all apart to fit it through the nursery door, this one’s for you, Dad.  Here’s a list of a few of the reasons we love dad.

Often more subtle than what we learn in school or the lessons and sometimes lectures, Dad is the guy who’s teaching through examples and action; showing and doing rather than saying. And while we don’t always take the opportunity to say so, this is the perfect time to thank Dad for the many things he’s given – and still gives us.

  • For the piggyback rides, swinging us up high, high and even higher in the air; putting us on your shoulders and sometimes even letting us stand up! For the flips through the air in the pool; the times you hoisted us up into the best climbing tree; for riding on your back around the den – and for the times you took the blame when we knocked something off the coffee table.
  • For all the playtime that either Mom wasn’t strong enough or was too cautious to do – we loved every minute of it, and it was worth every bruise or broken knick-knack.
  • For telling us who the guys in the red jerseys are and why we should pull against them. For explaining what traveling means and why they don’t call it in the NBA. For teaching us what mascot belongs to what team. For explaining the difference between a double play and a force play. Whoever we like now – and whatever we follow today is a direct reflection on what we used to watch with you, in your Dad chair.
  • For backing Mom up – no matter what.       For teaching us that you and Mom are a team and the center of our family unit. For all the times you showed us how you loved her – and even better, when we heard you say it out loud.
  • For reading the instructions, knowing how to replace the ink in the printer and how to fix the chain on our bikes.       For the times you fixed the disposal – and even the times when cursing under your breath, you called the plumber in the wake of a DIY disaster.
  • For teaching us that we had to earn what we spent. For showing us how many quarters it took to buy that candy bar – and reminding us how long it had taken us to earn those quarters. For getting up every day and going to work – even if it meant missing a preschool sing-along or an afternoon birthday party.       And, for taking time off from that job to take us to the beach or Disney or Washington DC – even if it meant driving in horrible traffic – for a family vacation.
  • For helping us with math homework – but still letting us show you how to find a particular app for your phone.       For explaining all the ins and outs of the Cold War so that we really understood it, but still directing us to Mom for our history diorama project. And, for those times that Mom just needed a moment of peace and you let us curl up as you read to us in your Dad voice.
  • For teaching us how to play chess – or poker or Cribbage. For sharing your taste in music (and even though we outwardly mocked it, we inwardly respected it). For taking us out on our first practice drive, and NOT swinging your arm across our chest when we hit the brakes too hard. For all the times you should have laughed at the ridiculous arguments we made or the silly things we said – and you didn’t.

American author, Clarence Budington Kelland, once said about his father, “My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it.” For all the fathers and father figures out there, we thank you for your examples, your lessons and most of all, your love!

Happy Father’s Day from Baby Pibu


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