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Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks to Your Family

Multi Generation Family Celebrating With Christmas Meal Carving Turkey Having A Good TimeThe turkey has all been eaten. The pies are gone too. My fat pants are fitting a little too snugly. I am completely and utterly exhausted as I take down Thanksgiving decorations and start to prepare for the next holiday.

As a mom, I should probably be planning and prepping, making lists and checking them twice, as we get ready to fling ourselves into December. But as I look around my messy household, gaze upon my sleeping children who probably are in desperate need of a shower, look at the crumbs, the dog hair and yes, some stains on the carpet left from all of my family’s comings and goings, I want to take a moment. November is the month of thankfulness so before I busy myself in all my busyness, I am giving thanks because in all the chaos that defines my life, the blessings abound.

  • For all the time I spend in my car, ferrying my children to activities and play dates. Though I am an Uber driver most of the time, my children have the opportunity to develop friendships and hobbies.
  • For the extra pounds I’ve gained as they represent the times I’ve spent with family and friends, sharing laughter, good conversation, food and drinks.
  • For the crumbs throughout my kitchen as we have a pantry and refrigerator filled with enough food to keep us all full.
  • For the dog hair that covers my floors and furniture as my family gets to experience the unconditional love that comes from a family pet.
  • For my husband’s travel schedule as the days when he is gone makes me appreciate his presence even more!
  • For my shower because there have been so many days when I never had a moment to take one.
  • For my tripped out “Mom Van” because it has automatic doors, a DVD player and can fit a karate bag, soccer chairs, three book bags and the weekly grocery shopping — all at once. And dents and dings can’t make it any less uncool.
  • For the all the homework that I get to help with, because my kids still think I’m kind of smart.
  • For bedtimes because that’s when my children all want to talk with me.
  • For the times when I punish or reprimand my kids as these are teachable moments that can make them — and me — better adults.
  • For my mom friends who understand tears for no apparent reason, the joy of getting to choose your own station on the radio, and the beauty of a clean household or a babysitter.
  • For the chance to be a mom — in a world when not every woman who wants this privilege is able to do so, you realize that it truly is a divine opportunity.

I saw a quote on Facebook (which automatically means it must be good) that said “thankfulness isn’t a moment; it’s a way of life” So as you clean up the rest of the Thanksgiving leftovers, wave the remaining relatives on their way and begin the almost insurmountable task of December, take a moment to count your blessings. When you are tired beyond belief and you don’t know if you’ll make it, remember that these days are precious and fleeting. When your children or your spouse make you want to get in your Mom Van — or whatever vehicle you own — and drive far, far away, remember that this same family is always there to receive you back. And whisper a quiet “thank you” to the universe.

Happy Holidaying