small baby toiletries with rubber duck

The Difference Between Lotions Creams and Ointments – Which Skin Care Products Should You Use on Your Baby?

March 8th, 2016
When it comes to baby skin care, we all look for natural, safe products. We know they need to be gentle so they won’t irritate that delicate baby skin and…
baby girl in winter clothes

Winter Skin Care for Babies – Top Tips for Staying Healthy This Winter

January 5th, 2016
It’s January and time for New Year’s resolutions. This year, make keeping your baby’s skin healthy one of them. Here are our top tips on winter skin care for babies.…
Portrait of laughing baby with sun block creme on nose

How to Know if You’re Using the Safest Baby Sunscreen

April 30th, 2015
As a concerned mama or daddy, you probably already know that having just one or two sunburns can significantly increase your baby’s risk of melanoma later in life. Having five…
The sun drawing sunscreen (suntan lotion) on baby (boy) back

Answers to the Top 5 Sunscreen Questions

April 22nd, 2015
As summer quickly approaches and the sun gets more intense, parents start to think about protecting their little ones from getting too much sun. Here are the answers to the…
baby with sunscreen on face

Tips for How to Apply Sunscreen on Babies

April 17th, 2015
It’s springtime, when the weather is getting prettier, the outdoors is calling, and the longing to be in the sunshine is stronger than ever. While we can’t deny the urge…
Baby Sunscreen

Harmful Ingredients in Baby Sunscreen

April 8th, 2015
As parents, we want what’s best for our babies. We read articles, talk to other parents, and consult our own parents and books. Sun protection is hot topic. We know…
toddler being scented by her mother

What You Need to Know Regarding Fragrance Allergy

March 10th, 2015
What’s sweeter than the smell of a freshly bathed baby? There aren’t many smells better than that, right? Well, maybe – but is all that fragrance good for your baby?…
coconut and coconut oil

6 Great Uses for Coconut Oil

February 25th, 2015
Coconut oil has been the all rage lately. Just walk down the aisle of your local Whole Foods or health food store and you’re likely to see many different brands.…
Baby getting a bath

The 6 Things You Need to Know to Give Your Baby a Bath

February 12th, 2015
Giving a baby a bath. Cute little toes sticking out of the water, kids playing in the bubbles. When did something so simple become so complicated? Is the ideal bath…
LIttle Girl Using Hand Sanitizer

Should we use antibacterials to keep our kids germ free?

January 29th, 2015
All parents know the importance of good hand washing. We first learn it in the hospital when everyone who meets the new baby has to wash their hands before holding…