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Summertime Skin Care for Moms

beautiful happy mother and daughter in bathrobes and towels applying face cream togetherSummertime naturally brings more outdoor time, and that extra outdoor time can promote aging for our mommy skin. To guide us through a simple summertime skin care for moms, Dr. Amy shares some advice on what to do.

How can you slow down the aging process for your skin? What makes our skin appear more aged are 2 key components: more brown discoloration and more wrinkles. Here are two key components of summertime skin care for moms.

Sun avoidance and SPF protection

  • Brown discoloration can present itself as freckles to age spots to melasma. One main factor that leads to brown discoloration is ultraviolet radiation (UVR), aka sunshine. Here is the reason why – When that UVR hits your skin, your skin responds by producing and releasing pigment from your pigment cells. This release of melanin or pigment is your skin’s defense mechanism to protect the rest of your skin’s cells from the harmful and carcinogenic effects that the UVR has.
  • Wear a hat to protect your face.
  • Wear SPF 30+ sunscreen for your face. What is the best sunscreen for the face? The simplest answer is one that you will use! Many people complain of how products with sunscreens feel. With the wave of better cosmetic technology, you can likely find a tinted moisturizer that may suit your skin type. One that Dr. Amy recommends is Revision’s Intellishade Tinted Moisturizer. It’s one-color-fits-all makes it versatile for all skin types and it feels less like a light makeup when it is on the skin.
  • Mineral-based, chemical-free sunscreens use zinc-oxide and/or titanium dioxide as active ingredients. These micronized ingredients do not absorb into the skin and are considered the safest and least-irritating to use.

Use a prescription retinoid at least three times a week as part of your nightly routine.

  • Studies have shown that using a prescription-graded retinoid like tretinoin at least three times a week can minimize both brown discoloration and fine lines or wrinkles.
  • Tretinoin aka retin-a works to increase exfoliation of the top dead layer of skin called the stratum corneum. It promotes the skin to turn over, and this turn over of the skin helps the brown discoloration to fade away.
  • Tretinoin also helps to prevent collagen breakdown, and this ultimately helps to minimize those fine lines or wrinkles from developing.
  • Consider a Monday-Wednesday-Friday and weekend day application of tretinoin. Only a pea-size amount is needed to cover the entire face while sparing the eyelid skin.

As many dermatologists are doing and will recommend, protect your facial skin from the sun by avoidance or sunscreen, and use a prescription-graded retinoid to increase skin turnover and to prevent collage breakdown.