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Before the Summer Sun Sets …

sunset2Some of us are still experiencing 90 degree days, and the idea of fall seems far in the future; for others, the temps have started to cool in the evenings, and our lazy, hazy days are becoming a bit more distant.  But for all of us, the reality is that Labor Day has come and gone, kids are back in school and soon the last remnants of summer will be gone.

But, don’t let the summer sun set without squeezing out a few more drops of fun!  Here are some easy, enjoyable activities to do with your child and make some lasting memories.

  • A night under the lights:  Throw bedtime to the wind and enjoy a summer night outside.  Spread a blanket in the driveway or yard and spend some quality time with your child, star-gazing.  Pick out constellations, shapes and patterns, search for shooting stars and don’t forget to make a wish – or three.  There’s nothing better than seeing the beauty of nature through the eyes of your little one, and you’ll love the ideas and conversations that come from the wondering mind of a child.
  • The fruits of the season:  In a few months, there’ll be apple picking and pumpkin harvests, but for now, enjoy the delicacies that summer brings.  Eat watermelon in the back yard and have a seed-spitting contest – or just collect the seeds and let your child plant and water them.  Make homemade ice cream and add some fresh strawberries or peaches.  And, while the FDA doesn’t include hotdogs and hamburgers in their recommended servings of fruits and veggies, no summer is complete without a backyard barbeque.  Whether it’s with friends or just your family, enjoy some outdoor time and yummy summer treats.  After all, in a few months, it’ll be time to fire up the crock pot for soups and such.
  • Make a splash:  Summer is all about water fun – whether it’s the pool, the lake or just running through the sprinkler in the backyard.  Don’t let the season end without one more splash.  If your neighborhood pool has closed, check out local water parks, or possibly some natural options like tubing down a river or taking a canoe trip.  If you live near lakes, look into packing a cooler and renting a boat for the afternoon.  With any excursion involving small children, be sure to check out the guidelines and age restrictions, and make sure you arrive prepared with towels, sunscreen, water vests and any other safety equipment you need.  If staying close to home is easiest, have some outside fun with water balloons, squirt guns and the hose.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, but you will get wet!
  • Camping with the kiddos:  As a mom, a weekend in the woods – far away from civilization — with small children may not be on your wish list.  So why not pitch a tent in the backyard and have a campout close to home?  Roast marshmallows and hotdogs, spread out sleeping bags and tell stories all while enjoying the sounds and sights of the great outdoors!  And, if you need running water, air conditioning or someone needs a diaper or pull up changed, home is just a few steps away!

So, before you put away your beach towels and your sand toys, your goggles and your baby pool, take some time to soak up the last of these summer days.  You’re creating memories with your child that will last a lifetime.

~ The Baby Pibu™ Team


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