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Preparing Your Baby’s Room

Close up of pregnant woman holding bunny toy while standing in baby room.Pregnancy involves many less-than-lovely aspects – the constant need to pee, fat ankles, stretch marks, flatulence (yes, gas), and the free and open discussion about your entire body and all its fluids. Thankfully, there are many wonderful parts as well – even before the new baby arrives! The extra milkshakes — just because, shopping for cute maternity clothes, baby showers and from there, decorating the nursery! In case you haven’t noticed, it is incredibly easy to go way overboard in buying baby gear, including preparing your baby’s room. However, we have some helpful hints to ensure you have what you need without breaking the bank, or your back!

Furniture First: While you don’t need to enlist the services of an interior designer, there are some essential pieces that you need for Baby’s Nursery. First of all, a crib; please ensure it follows all current safety standards and avoid bedding that involves bumpers, pillows or additional items in the crib. All your little one will need is that fitted sheet. A changing table is also important as most everything – diapers, dressing, after bath time – will happen here. You will also need a dresser or armoire – -someplace to store folded clothes and extra blankets; babies are small but they have a lot of things! As you shop nursery furniture, you may find some dressers that function as changing tables and that is fine, as long as you have the functionality of both. Finally, and this is more for you than for Baby, you will want a comfy chair, typically a rocker or glider. You will spend time in that chair nursing or feeding your baby, rocking her and resting between nighttime feedings so you want it to be something you will like. On the topic of furniture, where you put the furniture is also important, not so much for House Beautiful magazine or to win awards, but so the room is safe, comfortable and functional for you. For example, position the crib so that your little one is not woken up by morning sunlight or is under a drafty air vent. You want to be able to move easily from the crib to the changing table and to your chair. Think of your movement in the room, sometimes when the lights are off, and be sure you can move comfortably around.

Think of Yourself: What do we mean by that? Well, you will be spending a serious amount of time in your baby’s room. So, think about what you will need. Some mothers like to set up a little “mom station” by their chair or glider (Murkoff, 2014, para 2). This can include a nightstand or small table, a lamp because you will want some light, a place to put your phone and yes, a place to keep snacks and put your drink. That way, you will have what you need to be comfortable so you can take better care of your baby.

Climate Control: Something that many moms don’t think about is the temperature of your baby’s room. Research has shown that overheating can be linked to SIDS and ideally, babies should sleep in a temperature between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. For this reason, ensure your nursery has good ventilation. Have blinds or blackout shades over the windows so that the sun’s heat does not make the room too warm. Some parents like the nursery to have a ceiling fan; others rely only on central air. A corner air purifier is always a good idea, and during the day, you want to be sure to air out your child’s room via opening windows when the weather and air is good or opening the door.

Baby Proofing: This may sound crazy because your little one isn’t even here, nor will she be able to roll over for weeks. However, once you become a mom, so many things are happening during your day that it’s easy to forget or overlook the baby-proofing. So, do it now! Put covers on outlets, ensure cords are out of the way, and make sure that no furniture can fall over (if needed, bolt it to the walls). If windows are or ever will be in Baby’s reach, install safety locks so they cannot be opened. Also, since you will be walking at night in the room, make sure any rugs are skid- and slip-proof with rubber gripping underneath. There’s no time like the present because soon, your world will be upside down!

Leave Room for Later: Obviously, your baby is small and there is only so much she will need in the beginning, mainly the basics like food, diapers and sleep. However, the amount of gear will increase as she grows – toys, more clothing, shoes, stuffed animals and the list goes on. Try not to overdo or over clutter now, knowing that the amount of “stuff” will grow as she does.

So there you have it – your list of Nursery must-haves, should-haves and to-dos. Keep it basic, keep it fun and keep it easy. At the end of the day, what your baby mainly needs is YOU!


Happy Parenting!


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