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Outdoor Activities for Baby

fun outdoor activities with babySpring, sprang, sprung – regardless of where you live, changes are in the air and that means time to start thinking about The Great Outdoors! You and Baby have been cooped up throughout most of the winter, so get ready to take a deep breath of fresh air, see the sunshine and soak up some Vitamin D! And while your little one is not up for hours upon hours outside, there are definitely some fun, outdoor activities that you can do with your child. So, get your diaper bag stocked, grab the sunscreen and the stroller and don’t let the door hit you on your way out! We’ve got some fun outdoor activities for baby that are sure to put smiles on everyone’s face.

Picnic in the Park . . . or in your backyard, or on your deck, or wherever it best suits you and Baby! This is a wonderful time of year to get mobile with your lunchtime and enjoy some fresh air. No matter what, don’t forget your blanket and from there, you can make it as simple or as complicated as you want. Enjoy it with friends or just keep it the two of you. Bring a few toys or a bouncy ball, or just explore on your own “nature walk” around the blanket. From the rustling of the trees to the wind blowing through her hair, feeling the cool, smooth grass or hearing birds fly by, your baby will love the sensory experience as she connects with the outside world around her. The snacks and food are just icing on the cake. (Oh, and bring a cake, if you’d like!)

Walk like the Animals, Talk like the Animals: You’re probably not apt to encounter much wildlife as you’re picnicking, but you will at the zoo! An outing to your local zoo or even petting farm is a wonderful experience for you and your child. Even at stroller-height, there are plenty of animals for your child to see, hear and maybe even touch. Almost every zoo has a membership, and this can be a great investment for a mom. Membership typically means you can come and go as you please, so no worries if your baby only lasts for an hour or has a blowout diaper that ends the party prematurely. Often, membership involves guest passes, so you can invite friends or family, or at least be able to extend a discount. Strolling through your local zoo is a great way for you to exercise and get those endorphins going, it’s wonderful exposure to the world of animals for your baby, and there’s something for everyone, both old and young, to enjoy!

Water, water everywhere: It may be a bit soon for a bathing suit, depending on your climate – or maybe not! If you are lucky enough to live in a temperate area, start dipping those toes in the neighborhood pool or blow up the baby pool for a little wading around in the backyard. Exploring, even in bare feet, can be a great experience for your child. Other options include going to a local lake and letting your child experience some sand between her toes and sprinkles of water on her feet. Many parks have water features and fountains that can be fun places for you and your baby to explore. Exposing your child to water in a fun, safe environment can start as early as you want, so think about it!

Park it: Even if you’re not picnicking, spending time in your local parks is so much fun! Child-safe swings, playing in the grass, going down the slide with Mommy – these are all activities geared to delight both you and your child. The park is a great playdate, either just the two of you or with friends. It’s free, easy, and if the weather changes, so can your plans. If you don’t know much about your local parks and recreation areas, Google it. They are well worth your time and research!

These are just a few fun suggestions, but the options are endless. Once the weather changes, you have choices like Story Time outside, Mommy and Me Bootcamp classes, berry picking,

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stroller jogs, or even just simple things like taking a walk that are so much better in the beauty and bloom of spring. As you are making your plans for outdoor adventures, don’t forget your Mommy must-haves. Always go out prepared with a stocked diaper bag. Remember that sunscreen is key, even for just a short amount of time as your baby’s skin is precious and delicate. Regardless of how much fun you may be having, remember that nap and feeding schedules may still dictate when it’s time to go home, so plan accordingly.

An Austrian composer, Gustav Mahler, once said, “Spring won’t let me stay in this house anymore! I must get outside and breathe the air deeply again.” It is this feeling of restless anticipation, this feeling of new opportunity and growth that the season brings each year. So, smell the roses, tiptoe through the tulips, get outside and breathe deeply. Moreover, make some beautiful memories with your child!

Happy Spring!
Your Baby Pibu Team