Dr. Amy

Email Founder and President, Dermatologist Mom, Infant Skincare Visionary
Baby Pibu™ was founded by Dr. Amy Kim, a board certified dermatologist and mother of two young children. Dr. Amy has numerous years of dermatology experience in her Atlanta-based practice.…

Kimberly Kim

Email Customer Care
With skills honed as a former nurse and current full-time mom, Kimberly K. is a talented customer care professional and essential component of the Baby Pibu™ team. Kimberly earned her…

Kim Jones

Email Sales
Sales expert Kim J. has decades of solid experience in the children’s apparel and accessories industry. She now brings her business acumen to Baby Pibu™, where she nurtures client and…

Feliciana Kim

Email Fulfillment
Feliciana oversees all of the logistics involved in product fulfillment for Baby Pibu™.  Originally from Southern California, Feliciana graduated from California State University in San Bernardino.  Experienced in getting start-ups…

Maria Liatis

Email Sales and Marketing Assistant
With experience in customer service and sales, Maria joined the Baby Pibu™ team to assist with sales and marketing.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Georgia, and…

Interested in joining the Baby Pibu™ Team?

As a growing company we are always searching for great employees who share our passion for providing top-of-the-line products and resourceful intelligence to new parents. If you share our passion and are interested in learning about employment or internship opportunities at Baby Pibu(TM) please send your resume, and cover letter to info@babypibu.com