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Dermatologist Recommended New Mom Beauty Tips

Woman caring of her beautiful skin on the face standing near mirror in the bathroom. Beautiful young woman applying moisturizer on her face. Smiling girl holding little jar of skin cream and applying lotion on face.You are a new mom now! Motherhood offers more time for diaper changes and less time for yourself. Motherhood does not mean you have to stop taking care of yourself. It just means that there is less time. Dr. Amy recommends her new mom beauty tips to help you master the multi-tasking routine.


Beauty tip #1: Wash your face every night.

Pregnancy and post-partum bring about hormonal surges that can make your face more pimple-prone. Simply washing your face two times a day can help ward off the pimple development. What does Dr. Amy use? Dr. Amy keeps her routine simple by washing her face with Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented bar soap. Dr. Amy prefers a soap to help rid of the oily and bacterial buildup that can lead to acne. The formulation of Dove soap is also more pH-balanced with the acidity of the skin so it does not strip the skin of its natural oils and moisturizing factor. If you want a non-soap formulation, consider either Cereve Hydrating Cleanser or Cetaphil Cleanser.


Beauty tip #2: Start back on that retinoid.

Dr. Amy is always asked what is the most important thing to slow the aging process down. Her beauty tip response- minimize the ultraviolet exposure and use a prescription retinoid product. The science backing her response is remarkable and has been strongly backed since the 1980s. Prescription retinoids like tretinoin combat the signs of aging by increasing skin turnover and by preventing collagen from breaking down. The increased skin turnover may initially make your skin look “peely” and dry but after regular use, this peeling effect slows down. The science behind the prevention of collagen from breaking down has been shown through research time after time after time again. Dr. Amy says you have to use a prescription retinoid at least three times a week for you to see a difference in your skin. Do not expect immediate results. If you stick to the three to four times a week regimen, you will see results in your skin with more even tone and texture after 6 months. For you new moms wondering if it safe to use while you are breast-feeding, the answer is yes! The concern of retinoids is with fetus development, so no retinoid when you are pregnant. Put this beauty tip in full force as a new mom.


Beauty tip #3: Use a tinted moisturizer with SPF as your new makeup.

Mommyhood means there is less time to put on makeup. Besides touching your face up with a hint of mascara and/or eyeliner, consider a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation. Dr. Amy loves using a daily tinted moisturizer with SPF 30+. The tinted moisturizer covers-up her uneven spots and the SPF protection prevents further damage by the ultraviolet exposure. One of her favorite tinted moisturizers is Revision Intellishade tinted moisturizer. It comes in its original formula to give you a dewy finish or a matte finish for a more powdery finesse. Before going totally makeup-free, consider incorporating this beauty tip into your new mom regimen.


Beauty tip #4: Keep your nail care simple.

Use Baby Pibu Hydrating Ointment to hydrate baby’s and your own skin.

As another beauty tip for new moms, Dr. Amy recommends keeping your nails short and clean. Even if you do not have time to get a manicure, keeping your nails on the shorter side allows for a more manicured look. Keep a hydrating ointment by your nightstand so that you can apply a moisturizing ointment every night to your hands and cuticles. This will not only keep your hands moisturized, but will also help prevent your nails from becoming dry and brittle.


Beauty tip #5: Take it easy on your hair.

After you have your baby, you may notice your hair shedding. Do not worry. This is common and occurs because of the hormonal changes your body is having. This shedding phase is called telogen effluvium and typically lasts for up to six months and begins three to four months after you have your baby. This beauty tip to take it easy on your hair will allow for less stress on your hair as it sheds. Minimize the drying and flat iron time on your hair. Consider using a dry conditioner to lessen the amount of hair washing and hair drying.


As a new mom, you can still keep your beauty care going. Dr. Amy and the Baby Pibu team hope that these simple beauty tips can keep you on track with your multi-tasking routine.