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I Never …

I_neverMost girls remember being at a slumber party during the tween or teen years, and if you do, there’s a good chance you played the “I never “ game.  You know, the game where you sat in a circle, and one-by-one, had to say something you’d never done, seeing how many friends had already braved these frontiers.  Whether it was kissing a boy, sneaking out of the house, wearing tampons, or getting a tattoo, it was always intriguing to see what friends had – and hadn’t – done.  Others of you may not have been introduced to this game until college, in a room filled with coeds and beer where the information definitely could get a bit more colorful and interesting.

So, what does this party game have to do with anything?  Fast forward to this season of life you’re experiencing now – motherhood.  Of course, you’ve braved new frontiers and had a plethora of new experiences, and the books, websites, classes and videos prepared you for some things.  But when it’s all said and done, motherhood is an ongoing game of dodge ball – you never quite know what’s going to be thrown at you.

So, here’s to you!  In honor of everything you do –  the good, the bad, the ugly, the surprising, and even the things you don’t tell your husband (like when I ate a Cheerio I found while cleaning up the playroom, only to realize it’d been behind our couch for weeks).  This is an “I never ” list dedicated to you!

Until I became a mom, I had never, ever . . .

. . . known that belly buttons fall off.

. . . picked another person’s nose.

. . . sang someone else to sleep.

. . . crawled out of a room so as not to wake someone else.

. . . known how loudly hardwood floors squeak at 2 a.m.

. . . caught vomit in my hand.

. . . cried with joy when finding a $2 off diaper coupon.

. . . felt like a milking cow.

. . . gone to the bathroom with someone sitting on my lap.

. . . realized my heart could hold so much love,  that it felt like it would burst at the slightest little smile, coo            or gaze.

. . . realized how much I’d become my mother.

. . . understood the lengths I would go to love and protect my child.

. . . realized that one person could change your life so much.

. . . known my true purpose.

. . . willingly hugged someone covered in vomit.

. . . known I could last so long without sleep or a shower.

. . . appreciated how much we, as moms, need to support and lean on each other.

. . . realized how much I miss the peace and quiet of pre-children, but that I wouldn’t change it for the world.

. . . been someone to just “go with the flow.”

. . . really understood that time is fleeting – and precious.

. . . realized how much poop can come out of a little bottom.

. . . known love could be this strong.

Your own personal list probably goes on for pages, and that’s the beauty of motherhood.  We dodge, we juggle, we bob and we weave; it’s the consummate roller coaster.

Like the mom who told me she had never ever gone streaking through her neighborhood in a bath towel and wet, dripping hair until her twin toddlers figured out how to undo the child-proof door knobs and go wandering while she was in the shower.   Now there’s something you don’t do every day!

Motherhood – You just never, ever know.

– The Baby Pibu Team


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