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My Day Off this Summer

All of my days and mornings start with a necessary one cup of coffee… especially on my day off. Here is something all moms can relate to- a “day off.” But, is it really a day off? As many of us moms are the ones ultimately responsible for our kids and our household, it truly is hard to have an official day off unless you are thousands of miles away from home and without any electronic device to connect you to the real world. I want to share one of my days off this summer to both get some sympathy and to also encourage us moms to stay strong and keep going!

So, first of all, I feel blessed as a working mom… I work 4 full days a week as a dermatologist and Mohs surgeon at my practice and have the luxury of having Tuesday as my day off. As exciting as it sounds, my day off usually turns into a full day of catch-up with my motherly duties. These duties include feeding the kids breakfast, getting them ready for camp, dropping them off at camp, catching up on emails, writing a blog, having a Baby Pibu meeting, going grocery shopping, calling and checking on patients, picking up my daughter early from camp to drop her off at gymnastics, picking up my son from camp, going back to gymnastics to get my daughter, taking my son to karate, going home to cook dinner, trying to spend some downtime with the kids before they take a shower and go to bed. If I am going to fit an Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) workout in (btw- I love me some OTF classes), I sometimes do it early in the morning while both my kids and husband are sleeping and before the crazy day begins.

How many of you can relate to that??

Here is an example of my day off on a Tuesday in July.

610a: Wakeup and have my vital cup of Nespresso coffee
700a: OTF workout
800a: Back home and making sure the kids are fed and ready for camp. Quick shower.
900a: Drop daughter off at camp
930a: Go to my practice and work in a surgical patient (taking my son along with me)
1030a: My son’s wellness check at the pediatrician
1130a: Drop some clothes off at alterations
1230p: Pick up my daughter at camp early
100p: Both kids have their piano lessons
300p: Dental appointment with my daughter
430p: Karate lesson for my son
530p: Back home making dinner (with some wine in hand)
800p: Encouraging the kids to shower and go to bed
900p: In bed on the computer catching up on work
1030p: Go to bed

What a day off for me! I am not complaining, but, phew! It can be a bit tiring.

How was yours?? Let us share our stories to keep our humor and positive attitude going. We can do this. We are strong women and men who make it happen!

Dr. Amy