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Mommy’s Top 5 Things to Be Thankful For This Year

happy-baby-happy-mommyThanksgiving is a season for reflection, a time to be thankful for all the blessings in our lives.  You know the usual list – health, happiness, families, jobs.  But, when you’re operating on 2+ hours a sleep a night, your last meal may have been a Snickers miniature, and your ideal Date Night involves sleeping by yourself in a locked bedroom, true thankfulness may feel a bit out of reach.

Never fear, we’ve got a Top 5 list that is sure to resonate with any mother of young children!

  1. Small Victories:  whether it’s getting a shower, making it through a day without crying, getting to daycare before the late fee kicks in or actually matching the blasted little baby socks that seem to reproduce and scamper off, we all have pint-sized triumphs for which we can say “thank you!”  Reflect on yours and feel blessed.
  2. Your Circle:  Your BFF, your mom’s group, your sister-in-law, your neighbor, your spouse, your Mom, your co-worker—think about who makes up your village, not only in raising a child but in keeping you sane.  For those people who understand our words when we’re sobbing, who hug us when we have spit-up on our clothes, who rescue us when we’ve locked our keys – and our baby – in the car, who pour us a glass of wine or bring us chocolate . . . we salute you.
  3. Loveys:  For that binky, blanket or stuffed animal that soothes your child when nothing else can . . . and for all those times you thought you’d lost it forever and the lovey showed up again – in the air conditioning vent, on top of your recycling, out in the front yard.  Here’s to the 9 Lives of Loveys!
  4. Automatic Doors:  whether they’re on your car, at the grocery store, Target or your office.  Be thankful for that moment when you’re managing strollers, baby, computer case and diaper bag – then the magic doors open and you hear Beethoven’s Hallelujah Chorus!
  5. Magic Moments:  Who are we kidding?  We are moms; everything in the world is made right when our baby smiles at us, when he falls asleep against our shoulder, smelling like baby wash and lotion instead of poop and reflux, when she cuddles for just a moment longer, when our spouse tells us we look beautiful though we can’t remember when we last washed our hair. Savor those – they are truly magical and for these, we give thanks.

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, Pibu™ Mommies, we are thankful for YOU.


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