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A Letter from Baby to Daddy

Father Holding Newborn Baby Son In NurseryDear Dad,

Well . . . it’s been quite an adventure, no? When I first met you, you were rubbing Mom’s belly and talking softly to me. I got to meet you in person, at the end of that bumpy tunnel, as you were cheering for Mom and waiting for me. Hanging out under all those bright lights with the other babies wasn’t that great, but I really enjoyed getting to visit you and Mom in her room. Now, suddenly we are in this new place and I have to say, you’ve done a great job! Everywhere I look, I see things for me. I don’t even know what they are yet, but I sure can’t wait to find out!

So, I’m getting used to this Baby Thing, now that I’m out of my nice, warm swimming pool. It’s definitely been a wake-up call; your world is a lot brighter, noisier and colder than mine was. I’m glad I’ve got you and Mom around as you definitely make it more comfy.

And you? How are you doing? I don’t know much about how things were before I showed up, but these days, it seems like you and Mom are constantly going from here to there, taking me from room to room and always bringing things with you. Don’t get me wrong, — I love the warm blankets, the fresh diapers, the yummy milk – but you seem awfully busy all the time. You probably haven’t had much time to think about things since I arrived, but I’ve had nothing but time. So, if you have a moment, I thought I’d share a few observations and hints that make might life with me a bit easier in this letter from baby to daddy. You see, I’m not that much of a mystery, so here I go…

  1. You’re not Plan B. I know it always seems like Mom gets first dibs – maybe because she was the one with that nice warm, dark swimming pool – and she has all that delicious milk. But, you’re my Dad and I love being with you. You smell good, you are strong, and I love your calm, deep voice. I feel safe when I’m with you. I don’t know what will be in store for me as I grow, but I’m so glad that you will be in my life. You’re not the back-up for Mom; you’re my Dad.
  2. I won’t break. You seemed awfully nervous that first time you picked me up (it’s easy for me to tell, as you held me right next to your heart which was pounding). The thing is, I’m pretty sturdy or else I would never have made that ride down that bumpy tunnel! I might seem a bit bobbly-head, but I really just need you to steady me a bit and then we’re all good. So, don’t be afraid to pick me up or change my diaper or rock me to sleep. Down the road, we’ll play soccer together and I’ll learn to ride a bike, and you hopefully will throw me through the air when we’re at the swimming pool. Even then, I may get bumped and bruised, maybe even a “little” broken, but overall, I am pretty sturdy. And the good news is that I will only get stronger.
  3. Get to Know Me. I admit it – right now, I may seem rather boring. After all, I pretty much eat and sleep and you-know-what. And while it may seem uneventful to you, I’m taking it all in. I love the different sounds that I hear, including yours. I love the feel of my blanky and the touch of your skin. My eyes light up when you talk to me, and I love to hear music in the room. Even though I’m so very little, you can read to me, sing to me, talk to me and play with me. I love colors and shapes, textures and sounds. And this is just the beginning! In a few years, I’ll tell you all about my day, about preschool, about the dog and the playground and Mommy and what I had for lunch. We can go on walks now and someday, bike rides. One day, you’ll teach me to drive a car or talk to me about boyfriends and girlfriends (yuck!). I may not be all that much right now, but I’ve got so much potential. So, get to know me. I promise that I will make it worth your while.
  4. It’s all about the bodily fluids. Yeah, I hate to break it to you but I’ve got very little control over
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    what comes out of my body. Pee, poop, spit-up – it seems like once one is under control, the other one starts. The good part is that you don’t seem too grossed out by it all. Just know that it will ease up the older I get. Until then, be ready to jump back, as we just don’t know what will come streaming out of my body!

  5. I may just take your breath away. So, not to brag or anything but you already seem pretty impressed with me – and I haven’t really done anything yet! I saw you get a bit teary-eyed (when Mom wasn’t looking), and you seem to be really interested in everything little thing I do. I say all that to say that I think we may really have some great things in store for us. If you think I’m special now, just imagine what I can do in the future? I’m not making any promises, but I think I can really “wow” you down the road – I can’t wait to find out!

So that’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to tell you – especially once I learn how to talk! For now, I just thought I’d just share a few tips as we figure things out. Thank you for all you’ve done – this family thing is new for all of us, but I can’t wait to experience it all together!





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