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Latest Trends in Baby Gifts

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With spring comes new beginnings and yes, let’s be honest, new babies! Many of us know a new mom-to-be – or three! So as all those baby showers are starting to fill up your calendar, we’ve got some of the latest trends in baby gifts that expectant mothers are sure to love!

Feed me! Yes, so many of a new mom’s days – and nights – are spent feeding her brand new baby so we have several suggestions for both the breastfeeding and bottle-feeding mother. No mom who plans to nurse should be without a breast pump and thankfully, there are some awesome products from which to choose. For example, the Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric breast pump is not only an electric, efficient, easy-to-use pump, but it boasts soft breast flanges and post-pumping gel packs for optimal comfort. Breast pumps have entered the modern age and never felt so good! For the bottle feeding babies, why not give them bottles that emulate a mother’s breast? Good brands from which to choose include Tommee Tippe, Avent, and, a new favorite, Mimijumi’s whose angled bottle is a big hit! The Mixie bottle is a perfect solution for moms juggling powder formula as you simply release the powder into water and Mom just has to shake, shake, shake and she’s ready for feeding time! As you can see, shower gifts that help Mom feed Baby are always a big hit!

Personalize it! Why be like the rest when there are so many precious, personalized gift options out there? Long gone are the days of boring Baby Books. Today, you have personalized memory journals that not only capture every moment of Baby’s Firsts, but also allow Mom to customize it to her tastes and her baby. Or why not create a book just for Baby? A personalized adventure book, such as The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name, is not only a fun adventure to read to your child but also teaches her name and how to spell it! And that’s just one example of fun, creative books you can personalize for the new baby! While we’re on the subject of names, Bannor Toys has made the classic, wooden toy even more fun! They create wooden rattles that not only feature Baby’s Name but also his home state. Great for fine motor skills – and a little geography on the side!

Pearly Whites: Even though teething is not something that happens in the first several weeks of Baby’s life, it creeps up sooner than a Mom would think. Sweeping the teething craze is Sophie La Girafe Teether and Book Set. Complete with board book and a squeaky, rubber giraffe, this is the hot new item that all the drooling and teething babies have! Mom and Baby can enjoy the story while Sophie the Girafe provides some gnawing comfort for Baby’s incoming chompers. Another hot, fun yet stylish item to help with teething woes are organic teething necklaces. Safe in every way you can imagine – FDA-approved, toxin-free, food grade silicone and dishwasher safe – these necklaces are a great accessory for Mom and a soothing teether for Baby. Choose the color and style that fits the new mom in your life and everyone’s sure to be thrilled!

Diapers, Diapers everywhere: We’ve discussed food – now let’s talk about when and where it comes out! It’s easy to understand why diapers literally consume a new mother’s waking – and sleeping – moments. And yes, any mom-to-be will always welcome diapers but why not make it more fun with a diaper cake? What is a diaper cake, you may ask? It’s only the latest, greatest way to bestow heaps of diapers on an expectant mother and yes, even the most DIY-challenged person can do it! So let’s learn how to make a diaper cake!

  1. Roll your diapers – the best option is to include several different sizes as babies outgrow the newborn size very quickly! When you roll them, group the same sizes together. Rubber bands are great to keep the rolled diapers in place.
  2. Choose a center pole. For some, this is an empty paper towel roll. If you want to get more creative, use a bottle of celebratory champagne!
  3. Place all the rolled diapers together on a disc – a flat, round circular piece. Cardboard is a great option and you can easily find these at craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby or places that have cake-baking sections. You want discs of different sizes so you can create a “layered cake” look.
  4. Cover each disc with the rolled diapers, using large rubber bands to keep all the diapers in place on their “layer.” Now the fun starts!
  5. Get creative with tissue paper, flowers, ribbon and more as you cover and decorate each “cake layer.”
  6. When everything is done and decorated, keep the finished product in place with cellophane or netting.
  7. When in doubt, explore Google or Pinterest and you are sure to find a plethora of ideas, from uber-detailed to basic and simple.pibu's bathtime wash

Soft as a Baby’s Bottom: We would be remiss if we didn’t mention baby skincare as that is definitely an issue that new mom’s encounter. Baby’s skin is so delicate and sensitive in those early months that you want to be prepared – and take action before situations arise. The Baby Pibu Luxury Basics Gift Set is a great, all-inclusive gift for any expectant mother. Complete with Bathtime Wash (for both body and hair), a soft bristle brush, Baby Butter moisturizer and doctor’s instructions, it’s everything a new mom needs to keep her newborn’s skin healthy. After all, a good skin regimen is a baby’s first line of defense against issues like diaper rash, eczema and baby acne.


It seems that useful, interesting and fun new baby gifts continually abound! These are just a few the new moms in your life – or maybe even you – will use and enjoy. So, Happy Spring and Happy Shopping!

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