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Ideas for a Great Sales Team

Woman shopping for clothes.Many stores have good sales teams, but to stand out, yours should be great! So, what are some ideas for a great sales team? It really isn’t rocket science but simply staying focused and keeping the customer at the forefront of your business can make the difference. With spring comes new life, and we’ve got a few simple sales boosters to put some pizzazz into your people!

It’s a Numbers Game: And if you’re truly a sales professional, you will know your digits. No, we’re not talking about texts or tweets, but knowing how you’re doing each day, every day. So, what are the numbers on which to focus?

  • Your closing ratio: How many prospects do you engage to make one sale? With time and experience, this number should increase. If you’re talking to enough customers but not actually closing the sale, then that’s an area of opportunity.
  • People, people, people: How many customers are you connecting with? After all, it’s hard to sell them if you’re not in front of them. If you stay behind the register and wait for people to come to you, it’s going to be a very long day. However, if you’re out on the floor, circulating, arranging and being involved, you’re going to interact with your target group – and that results in sales.
  • Products You Sell: What are the different products you sell? Make a mental note of what you focus on, what you sidestep or avoid. Most likely, you have a specialty that you either are adept at selling or really enjoy. Cultivate and enhance that, but also look to strengthen your knowledge in other areas. After all, if you can sell 10 products well, how much better will you do selling 20 products well?

Enthusiasm Rules: It’s not about accosting your customers when they enter the store, but everyone should be greeted and made to feel welcome.   Enthusiasm is infectious, so if you’re happy to be there, your clients will be too. We’ve all encountered the oh-too-bored teenager or sales staff who seems put out by the presence of a customer. Don’t be that salesperson – ever. Your enthusiasm and pleasantries are a sign of your customer service. In an age where service can be the one differentiator between you and everyone else, take advantage of it!

Questions are Key: Too often, we assume a customer doesn’t need help because we ask the wrong questions. “Do you need help?” “Are you looking for something specific?” Nine out of ten times, the answer is No. Instead, greet your customers but let them browse at their own pace. Once you’ve seen what interests them, engage them in that. For example, “Did you know that (fill in the blank) was rated #1 in Parenting magazine?”   Or, “Don’t you just love that outfit? It would look great on someone with your coloring.” You can even use your own experience and credentials, such as “I’ve been selling (XYZ) for four years, and this product is top-notch. Can I show you some of the features? “

Don’t Wait Til It’s Too Late: Salespeople are always encouraged to cross-sell and upsell. But the timing has to be right. When your customer is laden down with products and beginning to feel a bit of buyer’s remorse at the check-out counter – that is not the time to push one last product. Rather, as you’re selecting items on the floor, that is the time to show other complementary products. Choose your pairings carefully, and time it so that your customer is still engaged, not looking at her phone and worried about the time or how much time she’s already spent.

Sometimes it’s just the little things that can make a big difference. A few sales boosters, introduced at team meetings, shift changes or other training sessions can give your staff a spark that can really light a fire!

Happy Selling!


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