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How to Treat Your Baby’s Diaper Rash in the Summer

baby sleeping on a blanketDuring the summer time, you’re packing the pool bag, the beach bag, heading to the park, on vacation and all sorts of fun outings with you and your baby!  But amidst all this fun, life happens – and sometimes life appears in the form of red, irritating bumps and red patches.  Ahh, diaper rash!  Despite your best parenting efforts, almost every baby gets a case of diaper rash at some point in their early years.  Don’t despair – we’ve got the best diaper rash secrets to keep you and Baby happy.  Here’s how to treat your baby’s diaper rash in the summer.

Before we  talk treatment, let’s first understand why diaper rash happens.   It’s not rocket science, merely skin irritation that happens from wet diapers left on too long, loose poops (if Baby is sick or on antibiotics), or too many poops.  Diapers that are too tight or too small can also be the culprits, causing this red rash.  So, how do we treat this all too common but not so welcome skin irritation?

As with many skin conditions, the best form of treatment is prevention.  Frequent diaper changes are key.  When changing your baby, clean the area effectively with a wipe, and give your child’s cute little bottom a chance to “air out.”  Application of a barrier cream is also an essential part of the regimen.  For longer naps or overnight, it’s best to use a diaper rash cream with zinc.  This locks in moisture and provides a protective layer between Baby’s skin and dirty diapers.

But as we mentioned, life happens and even with a great skin regimen, diaper rash is a fact of parenthood.  So, when you’ve got a full blown case of diaper rash on your hands, you passed Prevention Mode and want to move into Diaper Rash Treatment.  Start these steps as soon as you see redness in the diaper area – don’t wait until it gets worse and has red bumps and pustules.  Here’s what you do:

  • Change diapers even more frequently, still cleaning well.
  • Give baby’s bottom a chance to “air out.” By letting your child go diaperless for a short period of time, the skin has an opportunity to breathe.
  • Instead of using a wet wipe, use a washcloth and warm water to clean your baby’s bottom; this may be more soothing for your child.
  • Go beyond the bottom balm that you’ve been using for regular diapering. Instead, use a diaper rash ointment that has zinc oxide, and use this at every changing, not just the ones involving overnights or long naps.  The zinc oxide treats the yeast that is the main ingredient in the red bumps and pustules.
  • These steps should usually improve the diaper rash within 2-3 but if the condition does not improve, please see your pediatrician or dermatologist.

You know how to prevent diaper rash, you know what to do when prevention doesn’t work and it’s time for treatment.  So, what are some of the best skin care products for babies, the products that can help you keep your baby healthy and happy?

Well, of course, we love Baby Pibu’s Bottom Balm for your daily regimen and Pibu’s Intensive Bottom Relief for treatment, also recommended by Moms OnCall. These products – hypoallergenic and tested – were developed by dermatologist mom, Dr. Amy Kim to help you prevent and quickly clear up unwanted diaper rash.

Pibu's Blissful Bottom Gift Set
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So, keep those hineys healthy!  Change, clean and moisturize regularly.  When unwanted diaper rash appears – and trust us, one day it well – follow our simple steps for quick treatment.  Baby will be back to normal in no time, and of course, a happy baby makes a happy mom!


Happy Parenting!

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