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How to Prevent Diaper Rash

Mom gently care of baby on changing table at home. Beautiful young mother and smiling cutest newborn child. Baby caring routine.As a new parent, you may be wondering how to prevent diaper rash. Keep an eye out for diaper rash. You may have heard that every baby gets a case of diaper rash before the age of 3 years old, but you don’t want your baby to! Usually, diaper rash will start off appearing as a bright red patch in the area the diaper covers. However, the diaper rash can progress, have overgrowth of yeast, and present as a beefy red rash with satellite red bumps and pustules.

Dr. Amy and the Baby Pibu team share useful tips on how to prevent diaper rash.

Change diapers frequently

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  • Your baby’s skin is more sensitive than adult skin so prolonged exposure to pee and poop can irritate a baby’s skin. Infrequent wet diaper changes, tight diapers that are too small, or episodes of diarrhea can lead to diaper rash. Newborns typically need up to 8 diaper changes a day! The good news is that there are less diaper changes as your baby gets older.

Wipe and clean well

  • It is important to make sure that the diaper area is wiped well. Both pee and poop are irritating to baby’s skin. If there is no irritation or diaper rash evident, then diaper wipes can be used. If there are the beginnings of diaper rash, then using a warm wet washcloth or unscented diaper wipe may feel more soothing to your baby’s bottom.
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Protect the bottom

  • One of the most important ways in how to prevent diaper rash is regular application of a protective ointment. Application of an ointment such as Baby Pibu’s Hydrating Ointment with every diaper change provides a protective layer between baby’s skin and the elements (pee and poop). For longer naps and overnight sleep, application of an ointment with zinc oxide is recommended as zinc oxide provides further protection for baby’s skin against the elements. For this, Baby Pibu’s Bottom Balm can be used. If there are any initial signs of redness or irritation in the diaper area, begin using Baby Pibu’s Intensive Bottom Relief as well with every diaper change.

Air out the bottom

  • Go diaper-less! If you see the beginnings of a diaper rash or an irritated red bottom, consider letting your baby “air it out” and go diaper-less around the house for short time periods. This allows for less friction and less chaffing, which will make the bottom feel so much better!

We hope these tips on how to prevent diaper rash helps keep you and your baby happy- we want to keep it as easy for you as possible!