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How to Have a Special Valentine’s Day with Baby

Retailers want us to focus on romance and rose, cards and candy, but celebrating holidays for families with babies can be a little different.  Life expands beyond just you and your spouse, and the logistics of it all can get a bit tricky. Never fear! There’s no reason why this Valentine’s Day with baby can’t be extra special and we’ve got some ideas that will help!

Valentine's day picture of baby chewing on a heart that says Be Mine on white fabric surface

*    Smell the Roses:  A romantic bouquet might have been a great gift when you were a single gal, but now you’re a mom – so how about an afternoon outing?  Whether it’s a local conservatory, botanical gardens, or even just a beautiful park, spend a family afternoon strolling through the flowers.  You’ll all enjoy the fresh air and scenery, and your baby will love the opportunity for a stroll through nature!

*    A Lady who Lunches:  As a couple, it’s much easier to escape for the evening and enjoy a lovely dinner out; as a family, things change.  Nowadays, you’re probably lucky to be awake past 8 pm.  So why not take a long lunch break with your hubby and Baby?  Going out during the day will be much less crowded and you won’t have to worry about fussy maître d’s, tricky reservations or non-baby friendly establishments. Instead, enjoy a fun meal with your family and have Baby back home, just in time for naps!

*    Get Crafty: Just because your little one may not be able to hold his own pencil yet – or even sit up on his own – does not mean you can’t get creative and send Valentines. Baby feet and hands can make the cutest hearts, and you and your little one will have a fun-filled afternoon, doing homemade cards. Using child-safe paint, you have several options. For example, position Baby’s hands downward with the thumbs overlapping to make a precious heart or do a pink or red handprint and when it dries, use a white heart stamp on the palm of the handprint – Stickers or sponges (cut out in heart shape patterns) can also make super cute designs! Making cards is an activity that the two of you can completely do together, so Google some ideas, lay out a blanket or towel on the kitchen floor and get creative!

*    Declare your Love: For centuries, men and women have proclaimed their love through writing. Why not do the same for the loves in your life? Write love letters to your spouse and your baby – keepsakes they can treasure for years to come. As a Mom, feeling overcome with love for your little one is a common feeling – so put it in words that one day you can all reread and enjoy.

*    Glamour Shots: So, we’re not talking up-dos and makeup artists, but why not remember this Valentine’s Day with a cute family photo? Whether it’s a selfie-stick shot and your iPhone or a tripod and actual camera, capture Baby’s Valentine’s Day for the ages. Matching pink or red outfits can make it even better – but don’t stress yourself out!

*    Sweets for your Sweet: Your baby probably doesn’t need a heart filled with chocolates, but why not have some fun baking. Baby can join you in his high chair and even get a taste – or three – of the brownies, cupcakes, cookies or whatever sweet treat you choose. In fact, Baby and frosting might just make the perfect Valentine’s Day photo!

Yes, it’s true – Valentine’s Day with a baby takes a different twist. Maybe you’re not out dancing til dawn or enjoying fine wine at the top-rated restaurant in town. But when your family expands, you have the opportunity to experience some of the greatest love ever known – a parent’s love. And that is something you and your spouse can celebrate every day of the year!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Baby Pibu Team


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