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Halloween Fun for Your Little One

Babies in Halloween costumesHaunted houses, skeletons, scary masks, gooey and chewy candy, walking around the neighborhood after dark  – it doesn’t exactly sound like an ideal setting for your baby or toddler.  But, Halloween is a holiday that can be enjoyed by both the young and old – if you’ve got the right ideas.  We’ve got some Halloween fun for your little one that won’t scare the pants – or the diapers – off of anyone!

Pumpkin Patch It!  Take a field trip to your local pumpkin patch, and enjoy a beautiful autumn afternoon outside.  Not only is a good opportunity to pick out a pumpkin for your family to decorate, but most pumpkin patches offer wagon rides, corn mazes, even petting zoos and other fun farm attractions.  Not to mention, it’s a wonderful photo opportunity – capturing your little one toddling around or nestled in among the pumpkins!   There are often yummy treats and eats to purchase as well  — a little something for everyone.

Costume Parade & Party:  Dressing up in costumes is great any age, but is especially precious when your children are babies and toddlers.  Why not get together with neighbors and friends to plan a kids’ Halloween party, complete with a costume parade?   Children of all ages can participate from the littlest babies wheeled in their strollers, toddlers on trikes or in wagons on up to the older kids.  If you’ve never seen or participated in a kids’ costume parade, you’re been missing out on tons of cuteness!  This is an excellent occasion to break out the video camera.

Halloween Story Hour:  This time of year, your local library or bookstore should have some fun, festive Halloween Story Times.  Many offer the opportunity for your child to come in costume and even include fun crafts as well.  Whether it’s Spookley The Square Pumpkin, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Biscuit’s Pet & Play Halloween, or something in between, there are plenty of Halloween holiday favorites that are sure to delight your little one – and you, too!

No-carve Pumpkin Decorating:  Carving a pumpkin (and scooping out handfuls of drippy pumpkin goop and seeds) isn’t an activity for you and your baby.  So, why not decorate a different way this year?  Stickers, finger-painting, and plastic press-in decorations are great alternatives for kids.  Lay out an old sheet or lots of newspapers and let you little artist go!  Your child will have a blast, and you’ll love watching him create his own holiday artwork.

Trick or Treat for a Better Cause:  Your child doesn’t need the baskets or bags of candy that kids collect on Halloween night, especially since he may not even have all his baby teeth yet!  But, that doesn’t mean you can’t trick or treat.  Research a charity, such as Operation Gratitude, Operation Stars & Stripes or Candy Buy Back programs where unopened candy goes to our military and troops overseas.  Or, you can check locally for charities or even retirement homes where unopened candy can be used.  Your little one will still get to experience Trick or Treating at its finest, but you won’t have to deal with the candy stash once the night is done.

October 31st doesn’t have to be spooky and scary to be fun.  Whether you’ve got a little devil, a little angel, a princess, a cowboy, an Elsa or an Olaf this year, make it a fun night for the whole family!

~ The Baby Pibu™ Team


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