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Getting Your Family Ready for a 4th of July Celebration

Black mother and baby holding flag at 4th July garden partyAs a mom, you know that birthdays are a BIG deal, so it’s no wonder that the birthday of our country is a great time to celebrate! The Fourth of July is all about family, food and fun! People are off from work, neighbors are out and about, and there’s no better time to have some fun! Whether you do it big or make it small and casual, the 4th is holiday that everyone can enjoy so we’re here to help in getting your family ready for a 4th of July celebration!

It’s All about the Food: This holiday is the perfect time to enjoy some great food. So make up some red, white and blue recipes and have fun! Whether it’s festive cupcakes, fruit parfaits, flag cake or tri-colored daiquiris, there are many culinary options from which to choose (Red White and Blue recipes). As long as you’re cooking, why not make it social and invite some friends, family or neighbors? Coordinate a neighborhood block party with food and games, or host a potluck dinner. Of course, the Fourth is a terrific reason to fire up the grill for some delicious burgers and hot dogs with neighbors. Have everybody bring something, and it’s a low key, yet high fun evening for everyone.

Get Outside: The Fourth of July is the middle of summer, so the weather is good and the fun’s just beginning! Take the family out for a bike ride, visit a local park or go hiking. If you want to keep it local, coordinate with neighbors to have some backyard kickball or cul-de-sac corn hole. The Kennedy Family made football famous, and if their family can do it, so can yours! If you spread the word, before you know it, you’ll have people offering badminton nets, Whiffle ball bats and all sorts of family-friendly toys that everyone can enjoy!

Down by the Water: Many families choose to spend July 4th by the water. Whether you’re at the lake, pool or beach, you’re sure to have a good time! Be aware that it’s going to be crowded so it’s more important than ever that you keep watch over your little ones (Water Safety). On that note, go prepared with snacks, drinks, sun screen, sun shade, swim diapers, toys, towels and more! Have a plan to take a break from the sun so you’ll be ready to enjoy food and festivities later in the day. When it comes to the 4th of July, being in the water is a great way to celebrate!

Respect the Holiday: The Fourth of July is a great time to have fun, but help your children understand why. Talk to them about freedom and the responsibility it bears. Raise a flag at your house. Attend your town or city’s local parade – your family will not only see the flag carried but possibly veterans, first responders and other representatives of your community. There are also many televised Fourth of July concerts on PBS and other networks; record some or let your children watch them live. You’re never too young to feel chills when you hear God Bless America or the National Anthem played by an orchestra.

The Fourth and Fireworks: It wouldn’t be July 4th without fireworks, so determine the best way for your family to enjoy these. It might be a park or city celebration or even in your own neighborhood based on local laws. As a mom, remember that your little ones might not be ready for fireworks so if your children find them too loud or scary, it’s ok to walk away or sit in the car – you can always catch them later on TV! However, if your family wants to catch them live and in person, be prepared. Bring chairs or blankets, bug spray and something to occupy the kiddos until the show starts. It’s hard waiting at any age, but little ones have little patience for dark to come. Please keep a careful watch over your children — especially at backyard or casual neighborhood firework displays – and ensure they are nowhere near the actual fireworks.

The Fourth of July is a wonderful time to enjoy family, friends, fun, food and of course, our freedom.  Regardless of how your family chooses to celebrate, be safe, have a wonderful time and make some memories! Happy 4th of July!

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