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Get up and Get Out There! 4 Fun Outings for You and Your Baby

Mother with a strollerSome days, it seems like getting through a load of laundry, arriving to work on time or even taking a shower is a major Mom accomplishment. But on others, you’re ready to get out and tackle the world!  And that’s great because let’s be honest, while motherhood is a blessing, sometimes it’s a bit monotonous.

When you want to break out of your at-home routine, what are some good options for both you and your pint-sized companion? Read on, as we’ve got a few ideas of which even Mary Poppins would approve!

1. Look in a book:  Years ago, your local library was a dusty old relic, dimly lit, with proper-looking old ladies who shushed you. Today, it’s a brand new world. Visit your local library for a plethora of kids’ programming, as most branches have a media specialist devoted solely to their smallest patrons. Whether it’s a weekly Story Time, an interactive puppet show or even a Baby Sign Language class, you are sure to find something for you and your baby to enjoy – many libraries even have a kids’ room or section that is more than just books. Developing a love of literacy starts in the womb, and no one understands that better than your local library. Check it out today, and you’ll most likely walk away with more than just books!

2. Do Re Mi:  Music is a vital part of a baby’s world — Mommy’s singsong voice, an evening lullaby, a favorite CD that can calm and soothe or excite and stimulate. So, why not make music class part of a weekly routine? There are plenty of options out there, and you and your baby will have a blast as you practice patting and clapping, marching in a circle, or better yet, shaking a tambourine or maraca. Rhythms and patterns, high and low notes, songs and rhymes are fun, educational and a great way to expose your child to music on her level. Now, will music class at 12 months ensure your child’s scholarship to Julliard? Probably not! But, will you have a great time and delight your child with the sounds, the instruments and the experience? Most definitely!

3. Walk with the animals, talk with the animals:  On a pretty day, there’s no better outing than a trip to the zoo!  Pack the diaper bag, load up the stroller and even bring a picnic lunch for the two of you. You and your baby will love it. Practice your animal sounds, visit the King of the Jungle, stroll through the Bird House or Reptile Habitat, and see a penguin or two — who doesn’t love a penguin? This is a great opportunity for your child to see animals up close and personal, as well as a chance for some exercise and fresh air. One tip – depending on location, price and convenience, think about purchasing an annual membership; this gives you the freedom to pop in whenever you want, without the worry of “staying to get your money’s worth.”

4. Add a bit of culture:  Museum trips often bring back bad memories of boring school field trips, but the reality is that this outing can be a plethora of sensory delights. Your baby will love the colorful shapes, objects and images that a museum holds. From photographs of real people, places and things to bright paintings, sculptures and special exhibits, there is a world of objects to captivate both you and your child. Best of all, what a fabulous forum for conversation between you and your baby. Break out of the norm of playgroups and pat-a-cake and try something different!

Not every outing is going to be an idyllic postcard – there’ll be the tantrums, the blow-out diapers, the time you forget the bottle or the day you leave 5 minutes after you get there. That’s perfectly fine and happens to everyone – but don’t be afraid to get out there, have some fun and expose your baby to the world around her!

Enjoy your outing,

The Baby Pibu™ Team


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