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Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes

<img class="alignleft wp-image-3530 size-medium" src="×234.jpg" alt="iStock_000004780530_Small" width="300" height="234" srcset="×234.jpg 300w, https://www More about the 784w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />Halloween is fast approaching and with all the stores decked out, you can purchase a precious, though maybe pricey, costume for your baby or toddler. But when you think about the fact that your child may wear the costume for 2-3 hours max, that your child will grow out of it in the next few months, and you may be able to sell or consign the precious outfit for about 1/5 of the price you paid, then it doesn’t always make sense to buy retail. Not that we don’t want your little one to look cute as can be, but as a mom, you’ve got other places you can spend your money.

Now, you may be thinking who has the time to play Martha Stewart? Well, we’ve got some easy-breezy costumes that even the least creative, Pinterest dropouts can pull off – and be proud of it! So, take a look at just a few of the easy homemade Halloween costumes you can make in a snap!

Sweets for the Sweet: Who doesn’t love cotton candy?! And, won’t your little girl look absolutely adorable (aka, adorbs) dressed as this delectable delight? This one is simple. Just take a light pink leotard and pink tulle, found at any fabric or craft store. With either loosely sewn stiches or even fabric glue, attach the tulle all around the waist of the leotard. The great thing about this costume – the lumpier and bumpier, the more fluff and frou-frou, the better! After all, it’s cotton candy! Complete the outfit with white tights and a white paper cone with a piece of elastic for the headpiece, and you’ve got one sweet ready to trick-or-treat. And when it’s all said and done, you’ve got the makings of a great princess, ballerina, or dress-up costume.

Seeing Spots: Ever since the advent of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians – and its subsequent sequels – children and parents alike have adored Dalmatian puppies. So, why not create one of your own? It’s easy. Start with a white one-piece outfit, either a onesie or a romper. Use black felt to cut out the spots and place all over the outfit. You can even use a marker to draw the spots. Find a white ball cap or a baby hat, and glue some long, floppy, black-and-white ears and a puppy face on the front (construction paper or felt works wonderfully). Complete the outfit with white tights or pants and a construction paper red collar, and your little guy will be sure to delight both little ones and adults!

A Strawberry for Shortcake: Why not transform your child into a juicy strawberry for Halloween? It’s simple to do with an oversized red onesie or bodysuit, a knitted cap, some red tights and green felt. First, draw some seeds on the red onesie, and once your child is dressed, stuff it with soft socks, mittens, washcloths or whatever will work to give your berry that nice, plump look. Then, take the knit cap and cover it in the green felt – if you already have a dark or light green knit cap, even better! Then, use the rest of the felt to cut out leaves to attach to the top of your berry’s sprout. Your little berry will look simply scrumptious.

Dive into Denim: Whether it’s Calvins, the, Gap, Levis or Wranglers, chances are that your little one has some denim, and if so, then the Halloween options are plentiful! Take some overalls and make your child into the cutest farmer West of the Rio Grande. If your husband’s a gamer, he might appreciate your transforming your little guy into one of the Super Mario Brothers, be it Mario or Luigi – very easy to do with a red or green shirt, some construction paper or felt, and a little bit of black makeup for a mustache.   A comfy pair of jeans, paired with a white tee and a plaid shirt makes a perfect hobo, cowboy or cowgirl. If your child is lucky enough to own a leather jacket, you’ve got a great costume for a 1960’s greaser.

Let’s face it – you’re a mom of small children and whether you stay at home or work full time, you’ve got your hands full. Halloween has a tendency to creep up on us, so all too often we are gob smacked with the costume dilemma. But even if you can’t sew, pearl one or knit two, there’s a plethora you can do with a glue stick, some scissors, a local craft store and the things you have at home. No more worries about overpriced, itchy, uncomfortable costumes your child won’t ever wear again. Make it easy on everyone and make it at home this year. Because when it comes right down to it, we all have the ability to make Pinterest proud!

Happy Halloween from your Baby Pibu™ Team!


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