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Dr. Amy’s 2018 End of Year Reflections

WOW- 2018 was a fast-moving year! It was a speedy year over-filled with both work and family time. Before writing this year’s reflections, I decided to read my reflections from last year. A couple of important things that I was supposed to accomplish this 2018 year included personal meditation and more one-on-one times with my son and daughter separately. So, did I accomplish those goals in 2018? Hmmmm. In short, yes- but I could have done so much better!

Regarding my personal meditation and my “me-time,” I usually find myself having this special time with myself when I am at church on Sundays. I’ll keep my religion to a minimum here, but I am truly blessed to enjoy the gifted sermons by Andy Stanley. As I sit and listen to his and others’ sermons, their provocative questions actually re-center me on myself, my family, my friends, and my world. I won’t encourage you to go to church, but I will encourage you to find that weekly hour to yourself to re-center and re-purpose yourself. Doing this on a weekly basis reminds me of what true happiness and contentment can really mean in your life.

Now, my one-on-one times with my son and daughter separately were achieved, but I could have done much more! Because of pragmatic logistics, my son naturally gets more one-on-one times with me since I have to drop him off at school in the mornings. It’s not fair. My daughter deserves more one-on-one times with me this upcoming 2019 year and beyond. Let me share one special moment with you. While on a recent family vacation with my husband’s family, my daughter and I decided to have dinner the first night by ourselves. It was amazing! Seeing her joyous smile in having that special dinner with me at the start of vacation is one that is hard to beat. So, for all of you parents out there, spend more one-on-one time separately with your children. You will add an unexpected joyous moment in your life when you least expect it.

One final note for this year’s reflections. I received a fantastic holiday card two weeks ago, and it said it all. “All we need is love.” This statement has been displayed much more this past 2018 year than I can remember. But, it is so true. With love, we can make someone happy, make someone smile, have less sadness, have less hate, be less judgmental, be more tolerant, be more inclusive, find contentment, be a better citizen in the world, and help others more.

Don’t you think? As you embark on this 2019 year, take hold of this statement. I hope love can permeate itself in your lives each and every day. When you experience a loving moment, embrace it with all that you can and tuck that loving moment in your special memory file so that you can unlock it during a hard time when you may need it.

Finally, to my Baby Pibu family, let me express much love to you for your continued support. I feel blessed by this special family and can only hope that pairing products with education will make your lives as parents easier so that you can enjoy time with your children much more.

Step into 2019 with more love and remember to spend time with yourself and quality time with your children. Stay positive and tell yourself that ‘today is a good day’ each and every day.