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Dr. Amy’s 2017 End of Year Reflections

Photo of Dr. Amy with her husband and childrenI cannot believe that 2017 is about to end! It is true. The older you become, the faster time goes by. As a working mother of two young children, I am amazed at how the days are so busy and filled with activity. I remember the days when my husband and I were a young, married couple without children. We actually had days that we were bored. Where have those days gone?

I am now in my 40s and approaching mid-life. As 2017 comes to a close, I reflect on how it is so important to try and slow down the days by stopping to smell the roses. I currently have two time points in my day in which I stop and have a moment with my family. It is simple. It is breakfast and dinner. Breakfast is rather quick but gives us all a chance to regroup and let each other know what the day entails for each one of us. Dinner is much nicer and more interesting because we have that chance to recap our day together. One advice my senior work partner shared with me was that he and his family would talk about the “highs and lows” of their days at dinner. So, I ask my kids, “What was the best and less best part of your day today?” For my young children, their answers usually center around playground time or lunchtime or PE class.

I plan to add to these special moments for the upcoming 2018 year.

Because my life can get a bit hectic and crazy, it is only natural that a bit of stress can only result. To handle this stress, I am giving myself a chance to spend some extra time for myself. I am going to commit to my usual two to three days of exercise per week, but I am also going to add in meditation on the weekend. To be honest, I am not sure exactly how to do it, but I am going to find out and do it. Staying healthy in both mind and body is not only good for me but also good for my family.

Do any of you consistently do a mommy/daughter or mommy/son time with your kids? I have both a son and daughter. I find myself always spending time with both of them. I am going to separate out that time to give them both that special individual time with each of them. I have other friends who do this, but I have never committed to doing it. This is a commitment that I am going to make happen this upcoming 2018 year. I have so many of my patients tell me to enjoy my kids while they are young and precious. They tell me that they will grow up so fast that you will stand in amazement the day they leave your house as an official grownup.

Here is one final end of the year thought. The end of a year always reminds me of what my blessings are and what to be thankful for. As I grow older, my biggest blessing is my growing family- my husband, my kids, my parents, my brothers, my sister in-laws, my brother in-laws, my nieces, my nephews, and my god children. I feel so blessed and thankful for my growing family!

A final thank you to my Baby Pibu family. THANK YOU for the support and for spreading the word of Baby Pibu. I love ya’ll!