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Dear Friends and Baby Pibu supporters,

It is with much sadness that I announce the closing of Baby Pibu. Both labor and love went into the creation of what I thought was a needed infant skin care line- a skin care line pairing products with education by a dermatologist-mom. I am proud of all of the work that went into researching the best ingredients for Baby Pibu products. I wanted a skin care line that could be tolerated by all skin types including sensitive, eczema-prone skin. Baby Pibu products were clinically tested to be irritant-free and hypoallergenic, and our best-selling products targeting eczema-prone skin carried the Seal of Acceptance by the National Eczema Association.

I am closing Baby Pibu not because I stopped believing in it, but because I could not be the superwoman I needed to be to make it be the competitive brand it needed to be to survive. I LOVE dermatology and LOVE my dermatology practice. I believe in excellent medical care and in caring for patients like family. With that belief, my medical practice has grown year over year into a diverse dermatology practice with 5 locations. I thought I had enough bandwidth to be a practicing dermatologist/Mohs surgeon; VP of my practice with the role of recruiting and supporting the President and partners; development chair and board member of a non-profit organization, Odyssey Atlanta, to help Atlanta public school children’s quest for a path to college; and finally, being a mother to my two children. I wish I could be superwoman to make it all happen and to make Baby Pibu happen and succeed, but I cannot be that superwoman for now.

I appreciate all of our Baby Pibu supporters over the past six years. Thank you; thank you! I will miss all of you and your support. I know many of our supporters particularly enjoyed our Bottom Balm for diaper rash and our products carrying the Seal of Acceptance by the National Eczema Association- Hydrating Ointment, Baby Butter, Pibu’s Bathtime Wash.

In the closing of Baby Pibu, I want to leave you with advice my mother recently gave me. It is true that wisdom can be found in our elders. During a candid discussion about life, my mother told me three values to hold on to: love, forgiveness, and humbleness.

LOVE– such a powerful word that is easy to say but sometimes hard to give and deliver at the times that it is needed. My mother is a woman of Christian faith and believes that we should love, show love, give love, and receive love while we are alive in this beautiful world. Love your neighbor as you would love yourself. Through the power of love, we can do great things, and through grace, we can impact this world to leave it a better place.

FORGIVE. When was the last time you said sorry? It is so hard for anyone to admit fault and say you are sorry. Now that I am in my 40’s and closer to 50, admitting fault and saying sorry is a little easier for me. Forgiveness was definitely hard for me during my 20s and 30s. Forgiveness can open another door to a better life and story for someone else. Consider saying you are sorry to someone who is deserving of your forgiveness. Forgiveness is very powerful and more powerful than you may think.

STAY HUMBLE. As you grow older and hit marks of success, remember to stay humble. Remember that arrogance receives less admirers. If you become a leader, remember to lead by example and to stay humble and gracious. The current Covid pandemic exemplifies how things can change quickly and turn sideways. During this Covid pandemic, I am staying as humble as I can and am appreciating everything I have in life including my health, my family, my friends, and my practice’s family. Thank goodness I love to work. I am working vigorously through this pandemic not only for my family but also for my practice’s family. I know that it is not only my livelihood that depends on me but the livelihood of my fellow staff. We will survive through both strength and humbleness to do what it takes.

Love- forgive- stay humble. My final words and my final blog for now to my Baby Pibu family. Thank you again for all of the support over the past years. I will forever love Baby Pibu and the Baby Pibu family. As a final thank you, Baby Pibu’s blog page will remain available for now to allow continued access to useful information.

Dr. Amy