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Date Night Ideas for New Parents

Romantic couple's date night in pubYou’ve heard the term; you’ve probably even done it – however, now that you’re a new mom , the idea of Date Night has most likely become as elusive as 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep!  You’re not alone – you see that guy sitting across from you? The one who once seemed so fun, exciting and yes, even sexy? He’s called your Husband, and he would love to get away as well!  

As new parents, it is difficult – yet also critical – to find time for each other. Couples need opportunities to reconnect because let’s face it; with a new baby in the house, it’s all about the baby! Date Nights are a good way to get out of the house, recharge and remember exactly who you were before parenthood.  

So go ahead and book a sitter or the in-laws . . . We have some fun, easy (so your brain doesn’t have to think too much) Date Night ideas for new parents sure to please any couple:

Be an Adult:  As a new mom, you’ve been covered in spit-up, burp cloths, and if we are really being honest, probably some poop. So, why not take a good shower, dress up and go out for a bit of culture? Take in a play, see an art exhibit, go to a musical or catch some live music. Or, if your husband is game, take in the ballet or even a symphony. It can be good – and refreshing – to be in an “adult only” environment and remember that you can have conversations that do not revolve around feeding and changing schedules.

Dinner and a Movie:  This is an oldie but a goodie – why? Because it never goes out of style! Movies are one of those things that you really miss when you become a new parent, so why not catch up on the latest film? One word of caution, though: Watch the film first and then grab a bite to eat. No new mother should be in a dark theater after 10 pm or else she WILL fall asleep! Seeing a movie first also gives you some great conversation bites, lest you fall into the new-parent trap of just talking about the baby.

Get Out:  There is no rule that says Date Night has to happen at night. If you’re feeling a bit of cabin fever, spending your days cooped up inside and tied to 3-hour feeding schedules, a little fresh air may be just what you need! Go for a hike, a bike ride, a run or a walk together. Pack a picnic lunch or else find a local eatery to enjoy a well-deserved meal after expending some calories. The exercise, the endorphins and some quality time with your significant other combine for a great time!

Your Final Answer:  If all the baby talk, kids’ shows and lack of adult conversation has you thinking your brain has turned to mush, then a Trivia Night may be just what you need! These typically happen all over town on various nights and can be an excellent Date Night for you and your husband. Enjoy a meal and a cocktail while you remember fun facts on a variety of topics. You’ll reconnect with your competitive spirit and have a great time doing it!

The Staycation:  If getting showered, dressed and looking “presentable” seems like the last thing you want to do, then don’t! Rather, take your little one to the babysitter’s house so that you and your husband can relax, stretch out and reclaim your house. Rent a movie, watch some Netflix, order takeout and reconnect. Who knows? There might even be time for a nap or some “you know what!”



As a new mom, time with adults, especially your spouse, is a rare commodity. Date Nights are a wonderful way to take a break and focus on the person with whom you started this whole journey. So, make some time, make some plans – and make sure you leave any Mom Guilt with the sitter. You deserve it!

Happy Parenting!