Dr. Amy Kim, a dermatologist and mother of two, has created Dr. Amy’s Daily 4 – the 4 steps you need to take each and every day to keep your baby’s skin healthy and soft.

The third step of the Daily 4 is Spotting and Soothing Cradle Cap. Cradle Cap is otherwise known as seborrhoeic dermatitis and it commonly occurs within the first three months of baby’s life. It is caused by excess oil and overgrowth of the yeast-like substance called Malassezia furfur. It often appears as a red, flaky rash on a baby’s scalp, behind the ears, around the nose or the eyebrows.

Now, for cradle cap treatment, gently scrub your baby’s head with a soft bristle brush and cleanser as part of the nightly bathtime routine. This helps to exfoliate away the oils and sin buildup that contribute to the formation of cradle cap. Also, using a washcloth without any cleanser to clean around the eyebrows, nose, and behind the ears again helps exfoliate away the build-up of oils and skin in those areas as well. You can also use a medicated cradle cap shampoo with salicylic acid or selenium sulfide on the scalp. These cradle cap shampoos can be found over the counter as well as by prescription. Over the counter options include Baby Pibu’s Gentle Scalp Lather. Now that you’ve learned how to about spotting cradle cap and and cradle cap treatment, move on to learn how to spot and soothe eczema and diaper rash.