Giving baby a bath is an essential step in a good nighttime routine to help calm your baby, get him clean, and prepare him for sleep. Dr. Amy Kim, a dermatologist and mother of two, has created Dr. Amy’s Daily 4 – the 4 steps you need to take each and every day to keep your baby’s skin healthy and soft. The first step is called Splash – splashing in the bath each night. Dr. Amy has partnered with renowned parenting consultants, Moms On Call, on the ideal way to give your baby a bath each night.

The most important thing about baby bath time is getting yourself prepared. A few items and supplies that you will need for baby bath time include a nice gently hair and body cleanser, 1 or 2 soft little baby wash cloths, and a soft bristle brush. As part of the baby bath time routine, what’s nice is you have two washcloths, so you can actually keep a nice warm one right over the baby’s tummy.

  • To start giving baby a bath, we recommend taking your washcloth and cleaning right around the eyebrows, eyes, nose, and ears without any soap. With just the physical cleansing of the soft washcloth without any soap, this helps wipe away the buildup of oils and the dry flaky skin that contributes to cradle cap.
  • Next, we recommend squirting a little bit of soap onto the warm towel that’s on the baby’s tummy. Use the soap to then cleanse where the baby is dirty which tends to be under the armpits, around the groin, and the feet. If your baby has chubby folded areas, you can work the soap right into the folded areas. We don’t recommend using soap all over your baby because your baby is not that dirty.
  • For the final part of the bath, you can use your soft bristle brush with a pea-size amount of soap to gently scrub the baby’s head. The physical act of scrubbing helps remove the oils and the dry flaky extra skin. We recommend using your washcloth to gently work away the soapy water on the baby’s head.
  • Once you’re done giving baby a bath, we suggest supporting the head and grabbing the thigh really well to transfer the baby out of the bath because babies can be very slippery and wet.

When it’s time for baby bath time with your little one, use these main pointers:

  • Keep your baby’s head supported
  • Babies aren’t that dirty so don’t use too much soap
  • Feel free to use your hands and fingertips to remove the soap.