Dr. Amy Kim, a dermatologist and mother of two, has created Dr. Amy’s Daily 4 – the 4 steps you need to take each and every day to keep your baby’s skin healthy and soft. The second step of the Daily 4 is Slather. Slather on the cream at night and slather on the sunscreen by day.

The first part of slather is slathering on a cream or ointment after bath time. This is an important part of good daily baby skin care. Why do we say ointments and creams rather than lotions? Ointments are better than creams and creams are better than lotions at locking in the skin’s natural hydration and moisture. Ointments and creams are emulsions of eighty percent oil and twenty percent water while lotions are the opposite with eighty percent water and twenty percent oil. Remember water actually dries out the skin rather than moisturizing it. After the nightly bath, slather your baby with a baby moisturizer cream or ointment from head to toe. This is the best time to lock in that skin hydration.

The second part of Slather is slathering on the sunscreen for sun protection. Slathering on a broad spectrum SPF 30 plus sunscreen is of utmost importance when headed out for a full day in the sun with your little one. The sun rays are ultraviolet rays which can lead to damage to the skin cells and ultimately increase the risk of cancer. When reading a sunscreen label, look for two things: a broad spectrum which means UVA protection and SPF 30 plus which means UVB protection. When applying sunscreen to your baby, slather on the sunscreen before putting on the swimsuit at home. This allows you to make sure that no spots are missed. Slather on a sunscreen at least one and a half to hours repeatedly or after water exposure.

Now that you have learned Slather, the second step of Dr. Amy’s Daily 4, move on to learn how to Spot and Soothe common baby skin conditions like Cradle Cap, Eczema, and Diaper Rash.