Daily 4: Baby Skin Care Videos for Daily Care

Dr. Amy’s Daily 4 are the 4 steps to take each and every day to keep your baby’s skin soft and healthy. The Daily 4 baby skin care tips are Splash, Slather, Spot and Soothe. Join Dr. Amy, a dermatologist and mother of two, as she instructs parents on the basics of baby skin care through her video series. Learn how to:

  • Splash with your baby in a bath each night, not only to get your baby clean, but to prepare him for sleep
  • Slather on the right moisturizers to keep your baby’s skin hydrated, and learn what to look for in a baby sunscreen
  • Spot and Soothe baby skin conditions including Diaper Rash, Eczema and Cradle Cap

  • Introduction

  • Splash

  • Slather

  • Spot and Soothe Diaper Rash

  • Spot and Soothe Cradle Cap


  • Spot and Soothe Eczema