baby in striped bathing suit on the beach

Beach Baby

June 2nd, 2014
Ah, summertime at the beach — the sand, the surf, the salt air.  You can just imagine your family there, a perfect picture postcard.  Well, sometimes . . . Several…
American flag waving

Happy Memorial Day

May 26th, 2014
The Baby Pibu™ team would like to say thank you to the brave men and women who have earned the freedoms we enjoy today.  Happy Memorial Day! — The  Baby…
father and son drawing present for mother, family love

What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

May 8th, 2014
Ah, Mother’s Day.  The one day of the year where it’s all about us.   The gifts, the homemade cards, that burnt toast and a snuggle in bed that we wait…
baby with curly brown hair with hands over his eyes

I Never …

April 28th, 2014
Most girls remember being at a slumber party during the tween or teen years, and if you do, there’s a good chance you played the “I never “ game.  You…
baby in easter bunny costume

4 Fun Easter Activities for All Ages

April 14th, 2014
Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail, and with every holiday comes fun, new activities you can do with your baby!  If your little one has yet to…
Baby on airplane

Tales from the Road: Traveling with Babies

March 31st, 2014
Whether it’s on planes, trains or automobiles, traveling with your baby is rarely easy.  I speak from experience as we lived 12 hours away from our nearest family and friends…
Silhouette of young mother with a stroller

Get up and Get Out There! 4 Fun Outings for You and Your Baby

March 10th, 2014
Some days, it seems like getting through a load of laundry, arriving to work on time or even taking a shower is a major Mom accomplishment. But on others, you’re…
Young couple in love outdoors

4 Easy Date Night Ideas for New Parents

February 24th, 2014
From books to websites, there are tons of resources for new moms – tracking your pregnancy, your baby’s first year, diet and nutrition, baby-proofing your house – the list goes…
Baby Valentine

Fun Valentine Crafts for Baby

February 13th, 2014
Retailers may want us to celebrate this month with poetic cards, arrays of chocolates, long-stemmed roses and diamond bracelets, but February is also a time to get creative with the…
bundled up baby - black and white photo

Baby It’s Cold Outside! Fun Ways to Spend Time with Your Baby During the Winter Months

January 15th, 2014
So winter isn’t the best time for strolls through the neighborhood or picnics in the park.  And with a baby at home, you’re probably not cuddling up to the fire…