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Can You Use Lotrimin for Diaper Rash?

Just practicing my yogaUnfortunately for parents, the reality is that most babies will have a case of diaper rash before the age of three. Cue the crying of uncomfortable babies – and their parents – everywhere. Not to fear. There are several different concoctions that can be used to treat diaper rash. Read on for our take on Lotrimin.

Typical diaper rash triggers include irritation from dirty diapers left on too long, changes in the baby’s diet or the use of antibiotics that cause loose stools, and chafing that is often caused by diapers that are too tight.

There is a wide range of diaper rash. It can range from minor irritation and redness on a baby’s bottom to full-blown diaper rash with bumps, or even areas where the skin wears away. When you see red bumps, you know you have full-blown diaper rash with yeast (secondary candidiasis). Think yeast infection here. This type of diaper rash is the most uncomfortable for your little one. At this point, you’ll have to get rid of the yeast infection to cure the diaper rash.

When you see bumps with redness in the diaper area, increase the frequency of diaper changes and make sure the diapers aren’t too tight. You may even want to let your baby’s bottom breathe by letting your baby go diaper less for short periods of time. In addition, use a warm washcloth instead of a wipe, which may be less irritating and more soothing.

But what about using Lotrimin for diaper rash? Over the counter topical Lotrimin AF cream contains clotrimazole. Clotrimazole and similar “-azole” anti-yeast agents kill the Candida yeast and other fungi. This change alone is usually enough to get rid of the yeast and is perfectly safe for babies. Mix a little bit of Lotrimin into diaper rash cream and you will kill the yeast and create a protective barrier for sore bottoms.   When you are shopping for an anti-fungal medication, make sure you choose one with an active ingredient ending in “-azole.” For example, do not use over the counter Lamisil cream as this anti-fungal works on dermatophyte (“ringworm” fungi) and NOT yeast.

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By all means, if you can prevent diaper rash in the first place, do it. The main way to prevent the irritation and rash is to protect your baby’s sensitive skin right from the get go. Apply an ointment such as Baby Pibu’s Hydrating Ointment with every diaper change to provide a protective layer between your baby’s skin and pee and poop. For longer naps and overnight sleep, apply an ointment with zinc oxide. Zinc oxide provides even better protection for a baby’s delicate bottom. Baby Pibu’s Bottom Balm is a great choice. At the first sign of any diaper rash, begin using an ointment with zinc oxide with every diaper change.

If you don’t see improvement in the diaper rash within two or three days despite these measures, see your pediatrician or dermatologist. So, can you use Lotrimin for diaper rash? Yes. Lotrimin, or other ointments with clortrimazole or other “azole” antifungals may be just the ticket to soothing your baby’s bottom, and making you and your baby happy again.



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