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Can You Use Baby Products On Moms Winter Skin?

Baby Butter and Wash lifestyle shotAs moms, we are always prepared. Whether it’s an extra diaper in the diaper bag, a snack, or a favorite lovey, we have it at the ready. And skin care is no different. We keep our nurseries stocked with all the lotions, ointments and diaper creams we need just in case. But what if we – the moms and dads – have a skin issue? Can we use baby products on moms winter skin? Most definitely! Adult skin can benefit from using baby products just as well as our babies’ skin. We believe that if you feel it’s safe enough to put on your babies, feel free to put it on all of your other kids and your adult selves as well.

Here are some winter tips on using your favorite Baby Pibu products to help those grownup ailments.

  • Dry hands and feet are notoriously bad during the wintertime. The cold weather and dry heat in our homes do a number on our skin. One of the first things you can do is put a humidifier in your room and turn it on every night. This will help to put moisture back into the air and into your skin. It will also help with stuffy noses and dry nasal passages. Another thing you can do for hands and feet is use your baby’s Hydrating Ointment. Right before you turn off the lights and go to sleep, simply apply Hydrating Ointment to your hands and feet. If you do this religiously for three to five nights in a row, you will see a difference! Hydrating Ointment locks in the skin’s moisture, repairs the skin, and provides the necessary barrier relief the skin needs every day.
  • The humidity during winter can drop to a sparse 5%. This low humidity pulls the water and moisture right out of your skin. Replace that loss of moisture by locking in moisture with Baby Butter. Every time you wash the dishes or wash your hands, apply some Baby Butter. Its silky finish is non-greasy so you can go right back to your current tasks. Simply increasing the frequency of moisturizing cream application can help prevent hand eczema.
  • Cuticle repair – need we say more? All moms have a need for cuticle repair during the dry winter months. Intensive Bottom Relief is one of our thickest formulations that can nurture your cuticles back to health. Apply a little or a lot of Intensive Bottom Relief to your cuticles every night for three to five nights in a row, and you will see your cuticles become strong and soft again.
  • Adult dandruff is a skin condition most commonly seen during the winter months. It can affect the scalp, eyebrows, ears, and the central chest. Gentle Scalp Lather is used for cradle cap, and yes, cradle cap is essentially bad dandruff. Gentle Scalp Lather has a low dose of antibacterial/antifungal salicylic acid that can gently exfoliate those dandruff flakes. During flares, you can safely use it every day until better. You can even use it like a facial wash if the dandruff affects the eyebrows or ears. To prevent flareups, use it once or twice weekly to the areas affected.
  • Remember you can still sunburn in strong winter sun! So while you’re getting prolonged sun exposure (like on a ski trip), consider using your Baby Pibu Baby Sunscreen. It is a broad spectrum sunscreen offering both UVA and UVB protection. It is also chemical-free and the formulation rubs on more like a lotion rather than a greasy sunscreen.

As moms we tend to have all the right products on hand for our babies. This winter consider using your baby’s skin products to baby your own skin.

~ The Baby Pibu Team


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