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Bye Bye Diaper Rash! The Best Ways to Prevent Diaper Rash

Father is changing diaperr of her daughter.Uh-oh! Just when you think you got this whole new parenting gig down, you spot some redness on your baby’s bottom. You have heard of diaper rash, but you think your baby might just be immune to it. Here’s the bad news. Every baby gets a case of diaper rash before the age of 3 years old. Diaper rash can present quickly or slowly. As soon as you see it, you want to get it under control as fast as you can. The Baby Pibu team shares 3 best ways to prevent diaper rash in the first place.

What does it look like? Diaper rash typically appears as a bright red patch in the area the diaper covers. If this phase goes untreated, the diaper rash can progress, have overgrowth of yeast, and present as a beefy red rash with satellite red bumps and pustules.

Dr. Amy and the Baby Pibu team share the best ways to prevent diaper rash:

  1. Change diapers frequently and air out the bottom if needed
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    • Did you know that your baby’s skin is more sensitive than adult skin? As you can imagine, prolonged exposure to pee and poop can irritate a baby’s skin. Infrequent wet diaper changes, tight diapers that are too small, or episodes of diarrhea can lead to diaper rash. Prevent diaper rash with frequent diaper changes.
    • If you see the beginnings of a diaper rash or an irritated red bottom, consider letting your baby “air it out” and go diaperless around the house for short time periods. This allows for less friction and less chaffing.
  2. Protect the bottom
    • Application of an ointment, such as Baby Pibu’s Hydrating Ointment, with every diaper change can provide a protective layer between baby’s sensitive skin and the pee and poop. For longer naps and overnight sleep, application of an ointment with zinc oxide is recommended as zinc oxide provides further barrier protection for baby’s skin. For this, Baby Pibu’s Bottom Balm can be used. If there are any initial signs of redness or irritation in the diaper area, begin using Baby Pibu’s Bottom Balm with every diaper change.
  3. Use a medicated diaper rash cream or ointment when needed
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    • To prevent diaper rash, application of an ointment will physically protect your baby’s skin. When you see early diaper rash appearing as a red patch in the diaper area, apply an ointment with zinc oxide, like Baby Pibu’s Intensive Bottom Relief, as the zinc oxide will further act as a barrier to protect the skin and allow the skin to heal. If the diaper rash progresses and becomes full-blown with satellite red bumps, then apply OTC clotrimazole cream to treat the secondary candidiasis (yeast) along with applying a diaper rash cream with zinc oxide.

Remember, if your baby’s diaper rash worsens and does not improve over the course of 2 to 3 days, you should have your baby further evaluated by your pediatrician or dermatologist.