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Best Baby Gifts for the Holidays

Modern female in the children's store assortment of plastic toysThe week of Thanksgiving is here which means most moms have one eye on the turkey and one eye on the holiday shopping. Yes, ’tis the season for making lists and checking them twice! At this point in your life, your plate is overflowing (both literally and figuratively), so when it comes to gift giving ideas, you may be tapped out. Never fear! We’re doing our part by compiling a list of some of the best baby gifts for the holidays. Whether you’re buying for your own little one, giving a gift to someone else’s bundle of joy, or providing suggestions for inquiring friends and family members, we have some options for you!

Ready, set, explore: If you’re looking for an age-appropriate, entertaining and engaging gift that can grow with Baby, a playmat or activity gym (Tropical Paradise) is the perfect fit! These toys are tons of fun, will entertain your little one and challenge her developmentally. With loads of things to explore – buttons to push, flaps to open, rings to pull and more –a play mat or activity gym (Grow with Me) appeals to your child’s curiosity and her energy level. These toys often have “grow with me” options so you can use them as your baby moves from lying to sitting and sitting to standing. We’ve given you just a few choices, but there are many more out there!

Sensory delight: A toy is not merely a toy; it’s an enjoyable way to engage your baby’s 5 senses! Whether it’s a colorful, textured ball like a Bumpy Ball or Oball, a Winkel rattle or a festive, holiday-themed Moose named Mortimer, you can find fun, engaging – and yes, noisy – options that your little one with love. If its’s bumpy, swishes, squeaks, squawks or whistles, it’s sure to be a hit at your house!

Get their Motors Running: Moms hear all this talk about motor skills – and playing with toys is a perfect way for your little one to develop hers! For the holidays this year, think about fun gift ideas like Bright Starts Lots of Links, Hide n Squeak Eggs or Squeeze and Stack Blocks – and oh, wait, there’s more! Whether it’s Fat Brain Toys’ Spinagain Toy, nesting cups, or stackables, there are a plethora of fun toys that will entertain your baby and develop her motor skills, all at the same time!

Books, books and more books: Yes, the love of reading is learned and there’s no better way to develop this than to expose your baby to books! And when we say “expose” we mean let her hold, taste and feel her books! For this reason – and at her age – you will need many options. There are board books, soft books and one of our favorites, Indestructibles! Or, create a custom book for your child, via Pinhole Press. Now is the time to start your child’s library and love of reading so be sure books are on her holiday list!

We could go on and on – but we won’t because it’s time to start shopping! Have fun and happy holidays!

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