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A Letter from a Husband to his Wife at Thanksgiving…

ThankfulWell, Thanksgiving is that time of the year when we reflect on what we’re thankful for, and more importantly, let those people in our lives know. As everyone knows ever since that Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus book came out, we guys don’t always communicate the way you women would like. But, I’m breaking tradition this year and not only saying it – I’m putting it in writing.

Since we’ve had kids, I’ve realized that there is so much that you handle, that you do behind the scenes that I don’t understand – until I have to step in and try to do it. So, I’d like to officially thank you for the following:

• For not only knowing where the pediatrician’s office is located and who the kids regularly see, but for having the address programmed in the GPS and the phone number saved in your cell phone. For keeping all the insurance cards in one place, for remembering the kids’ DOBs and Social Security Numbers, as well as their last immunizations and any allergic reactions. I made the mistake of asking our toddler who our doctor was, and she told me “Doc McStuffins.” So, thank you for managing our medical database.

• For knowing when the school field trips happen, who needs a sack lunch, and when we’re supposed to chaperone. For understanding this thing called “Sign Up Genius” and remembering that I needed to bring in 10 bags of marshmallows when I took the kids to school last week. For remembering the permission slips which I apparently left in the car that same day. But, thankfully, Mrs. Greenway, the 2nd grade teacher, knew I was the family chauffeur that day and reminded me about the permission slips.

• For remembering my parents’ anniversary, birthdays, important surgeries, trips, and when they’re scheduled to visit. Likewise, we apparently sent a birthday present to my niece as she left a message on my voicemail, thanking us for the DS game. Thank you for remembering my niece has a DS.

• For reminding me to call my parents on a regular basis – and remembering to put the kids on the phone. Grandma and Grandpa definitely love the amount of communicating I’ve done ever since you entered my life.

• For purchasing and replenishing the toilet paper supply in each of our bathrooms. I thought I had an emergency situation the other week, and then poof! I looked under the bathroom cabinet and there were, like, four additional rolls of TP. You unknowingly saved the day.

• For managing the elementary school, preschool and daycare calendars. Apparently, our kids have this thing called Fall Break which our 2nd grader groggily informed me of when I woke her up to get ready for the bus – during Fall Break.

• For attending the Parent/Teacher Conferences. I don’t know the Common Core from an apple core, but apparently you do. I overheard you explaining why we multiply the way we do. Who know there was a process to it? I memorized my multiplication tables in 4th grade and have never looked back – until our daughter told me why 8×8 = 64.

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• For knowing exactly how all the stuffed animals need to be positioned on our toddler’s bed. I apparently do not – which caused a two-minute screaming fit last Saturday during which I was told I don’t “do it right.”

• For stocking the diaper bag with plenty of supplies. Who knew that our baby could go through three diapers during a trip to Target? (By the way, we might need to talk about what we’re feeding that child).

• Finally, thank you for putting up with me. I have a college degree; I manage people, revenue and multiple responsibilities every day at work. But, sometimes when it comes to knowing how to manage our children, I’m an even bigger turkey than the one we’re putting in the oven on Thanksgiving.

I love you and am thankful for everything you do – for me, for our children and for our family.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Your Husband

~ Happy Thanksgiving from the Baby Pibu™ Team!


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