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A Letter From a Baby to Her Mommy

Dear Mom,

I know I’m fairly new to this world, and almost every moment is a new experience for me. While you seem more familiar with these surroundings, I know this is all brand-new for you as well. In fact, you seem a bit overwhelmed, so I want you to know it’s going to be OK. While it might seem scary and confusing, we’re going to do just fine. I’m not as complicated as you might think – in fact, my needs are pretty simple so let me break it down as best I can. Here’s a letter from a baby to her mommy.

  • Mother reclining, holding and kissing her toddler daughterYour voice – please let me hear it. Whether you sing or talk, murmur or hum, I just love to hear the sound of your voice. It’s comforting and soothing, and it lets me know you’re here. Even if I don’t understand any of what you’re saying, whether you’re reading to me or just reading aloud; whether it’s a lullaby or your favorite music, I love it. So, don’t stop.
  • Your body. I know your body changed a lot because of me, and I’m sure you’d like to change it back as quickly as you can, now that I’ve arrived. But, your softness is my happy place. You are my cuddles and hugs, my snuggles and the best place for me to sleep. In fact, I connect best with you, your skin touching my skin. I don’t understand a lot but the feel of you holding me is something I definitely know and crave. So, please don’t be so quick to let this go – or let me go. I love you the way you are – right now.
  • I have one voice. Whether I’m tired, hungry, have a wet diaper or a tummy ache, I can only tell you with a cry. As I get older, I will learn new and different ways to express myself but for right now, it’s all I’ve got. So, please have patience with me – when you’ve just fed me and changed my diaper and I should be happy, but maybe now I’m cold. Or, I’m awake but not ready to be – and I can’t get myself back to sleep. I know I will try and test your patience and your energy level. Please bear with me.
  • You are my everything. I need you. I can’t do anything on my own yet, even raise my head or sit up without your help. While I know it’s selfish of me but you need to put me first for right now. I know you can do it, and when you have the opportunity, let other people help you out. Daddy, Grandma, friends or neighbors. If you trust them, I trust them and you don’t need to feel guilty about it. I don’t need you to be Super Mom, just my mom.
  • Speaking of trust, I’m going to really test yours. Being a mom is hard and you’re going to worry and wonder if you’re doing the right things for me. Trust your instincts; you have them for a reason. Listen to advice, weigh options and opinions but in the end, I’m your baby, so you make the decision that’s best for me.
  • Take care of yourself. Be mindful of what you eat and drink, your health, your mental and physical wellbeing; yes, even your rest though I know that’s a bit ironic coming from me right now. I need you around – not just for today or this year but as long as is humanly possible. I need you to teach me how to tie my shoe or blow a bubble, help me when someone picks on me on the playground or when the middle school cliques start forming. You need to give me advice when I choose the wrong boyfriend or girlfriend, and definitely help me decide on colleges. You were “eating for two” when I was inside of you, but the stakes have only gotten higher. That was just a small part of the journey and I want us to do it together!

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Lastly, I love you – no one can ever be who and what you are to me. This is a bond that we need to hold and treasure. There will be times when the bond is shaky or when one of it tests the limits. But it is our special bond – and no one and nothing should change that.

Good luck, Mom! I know you’ll do great!

Love always,



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