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A Baby’s Letter to Mom and Dad

A Baby’s Letter to Mom and Dad,

Soooooo . . . we’ve been doing this whole You and Me thing for a little bit. I know it’s all brand-new for you and believe me, no one was more surprised than me to come careening down that tunnel out into this bright, cold, noisy world! Now, we’re here and while it’s been a little up and down, I think it’s going to work. Obviously, it has taken some adjustment, but I am feeling good about how things are. I worry about you, though, as you both are so nervous and worried about me. While I’m new at this too, I’ve got a few tips and tricks that might help you through this new beginning.A Mother father and baby child on a white bed.

  • Give Us Time: I’ve been in this world for a very short time and already, there has been so much to absorb. I know it’s hard for you as I can’t express what I need or when I need it except through crying. And yes, I seem to need the same things over and over again. However, I will find a routine, a rhythm and so will you. I know you’re stressed if you’re messing up or not doing enough, but I don’t need that much right now – to be fed, to be changed, to sleep and to be loved. Sorry about the sleep issue and the fact that I can’t seem to go for more than a few hours, but that too will change. Just give us time.
  • Power of Touch: I can’t understand your words, and we don’t really have many ways to communicate with each other. However, the power of your touch is just that – powerful! Our skin-to-skin contact, being held by you, not only makes me feel safe and secure but can positively influence my health, my happiness and reduce my fears and anxiety. Through touch, you have the ability to calm me, soothe me and establish a strong bond between us. So keep me close – you don’t have to smother me, but hold me, cuddle me, carry me. When you’re feeding me, devote some time to just us. During our nighttime or bath routine, be engaged, be present. Your touch is a primary means of bonding and communication. It sounds so simple but means so much – not just for my present well-being but also for my future.
  • Magic of your Voice: Right now, the sweetest sound I know is your voice — never mind that I can’t understand words or speak. So talk to me, sing to me, read to me, engage with me! When I’m crying because I’m tired or hungry, wet or fussy, your voice tells me you are here and that you’re taking care of me. As I get a little older, that soothing sound will let me know something is about to happen whether it’s bath time, nighttime, feeding time or more. Don’t wait for me to learn your language – I’m already listening!
  • Your health = my life: So, right now, you’re kind of all I’ve got. I can’t do anything for myself so I need you more than you can even imagine! So, take care of yourselves – not just for you but for me! I know Mom is probably really concerned with baby weight and all that, but I need you healthy so no fad diets or crazy pills. You don’t have to become a CrossFit crazy or a Paleo person but just be aware that it’s not just your life now – it’s ours.
  • Family Forever: So, I know that having a new baby puts a lot of stress on the both of you. You’re tired, you’re working and you’re taking care of me. But I need you to also take care of each other. It’s easy to just focus on me and forget about each other but don’t. You started on this journey together and I want you to stay that way. So, make time for each other, support each other and let’s be a family.
  • Nobody’s Perfect: You’re new at this and so am I. I may not be the easiest baby and you may not be the best new parents in the world. But you’re my new parents so that makes you awesome! You’ll make mistakes but that’s ok. Learn from them, take advice from those you trust and remember that nobody’s perfect. Down the road, you’ll teach me how to handle my own imperfections. We all make mistakes and need another chance. So, give that to yourself as well. You’ll get the hang of this in no time, and remember that it’s not the destination but the journey!

You are my whole world and I love you. And I know we’ll figure this whole thing out, just in time for a new phase or stage of life to happen. Good luck, and I look forward to doing this together!