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9 Keys for Creating Amazing Holiday Displays

Holiday displayWhile parents and children might be getting ready for upcoming Halloween festivities, as a retailer, you have entered the Holiday Zone.  With pumpkins and the turning of the leaves comes preparations for the holidays, one of the busiest selling times of the year.  As you prepare for your holiday merchandise and sales, we’ve included some tips and tricks that are sure to create amazing holiday displays!

Have a Theme:  A theme gives unity to your display and allows you to carry it throughout your store, from your showroom floor to your windows to a stand-alone display or kiosk.  Your theme also gives a clear, visual message.  A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a great theme carried throughout your displays tells the best story!

Have a color scheme:  Creators of effective displays have a unique color scheme that defines their store.  And no one says it has to be the color of the season!  Showcase an eye-catching gold and black for your Black Friday displays; use metallics for the Christmas season – whatever your choices, create a color scheme that is uniquely yours.  This is especially effective for window displays which people walk by in a matter of seconds.  You want your window display to identify your store and a color scheme will help you to do that.

Change is good:  For your displays to be the most effective, you want them to be fresh and new.  Change your holiday displays at least monthly.  This also gives you the opportunity to feature new arrivals and new products.

Work as a group:  If you have planned for some products to go together, keep them that way.  Likewise, wait until the products for a particular display have all arrived before you start to put them out.  That keeps the effectiveness of your display and your plan fresh, clean and on target.

Clean and Simple:  This goes for everything from window displays to your showroom floor.  You want your customers to be able to move about your store, understand your themes and displays, and not be overwhelmed.  Overcrowding not only diminishes the effectiveness of your displays but will turn customers off and possibly away.  Do not underestimate the allure of cleanliness either!  Customers won’t want to shop in a store they consider dirty; this especially goes for window displays and keeping your windows fresh and clean!

The Pig in the Window:  Speaking of window displays, retail guru, speaker and consultant, Bob Phibbs, talks about what he likes to call the “pig in the window.”  Take an unrelated item and put it in your display.  Phibbs tells the story of taking a cute little stuffed pig and putting it in the midst of a KitchenAid® display.  Don’t feel you need to do this on all your displays, but try it on a few, especially a window display or two!

Go back to basics:  When creating effective holiday displays, don’t forget your basics – lighting, signage, texture, color.  Odd versus even numbers gives you a central focal point.  Patterns and repetition tend to be eye-catching.  Don’t get so caught up in creating something fresh and new that you forget your Merchandising 101.

Wants vs. Needs:  This is the holiday season, so people are in the buying frame of mind.  You want to focus on what people want, not what they need.  Don’t spend time and energy creating an underwear display.  Rather, focus on what you think your customers want.  While they’re in your store, they’ll buy what they need, but your displays should draw their attention to what they hadn’t thought about already, what they didn’t know they wanted.

Rotate it, track it and capture it:  Finally, don’t forget to move your displays around.  While you want to change them at least monthly, move them around your store on a more regular basis.  Track what’s doing well and selling.  Managing your sales and inventory reports is more critical than ever during holiday sales, as you want to be ready with reorders of your most popular sellers.  Finally, as you set up your store and your displays, capture them with your camera so you can keep a record.  Not only will you know what you’ve done from year to year and to avoid too much repetition, you’ll know which displays are most popular so they can make repeat appearances!

This is your time, your season – have fun, be smart, get creative and watch your sales skyrocket!

Happy Holidays and Happy Selling!

~The Baby Pibu™ Team

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