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5 Merchandising Themes to Jumpstart Spring Sales

spring displays For many of us, we’re caught up in the Winter Doldrums. Trying to get back in the swing of things since the holidays, grumbling about the cold, snowy or rainy weather, lighting fires and wanting to hang out in flannel jammies and slippers. But as a retail owner and manager, you’ve left winter behind and are focused on spring — new merchandise, new holidays, and best of all, a new sales season. The days following Thanksgiving and Christmas can be dreary for the retail industry, but just as Spring brings new life into the world, it’s a time of revitalization for your sales!

As you’re planning and preparing, we’ve got the 5 merchandising and display themes to jumpstart spring sales.

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Hype up the Holidays: Yes, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the power shopping holidays, but Spring has a plethora of holidays that can make for great merchandising themes. Tie in Easter ideas, Mother’s or Father’s Day, even Cinco de Mayo can provide fun, innovative display concepts. Creativity can be hard to come by, so take the holiday and run with it to create a fun, festive showroom floor.

Winter Closeouts/Spring Cleaning: There’s no better time to have a huge sale, freeing up your store for new products, clearing out last season’s merchandise and making a profit while you’re at it! This is also your chance to give customers a sneak peek at Spring’s new products. Combine the closeout with a contest or giveaway on a new Spring item. Hand out coupons to pull customers back in and view the new merchandise. Take advantage of your sales-seekers, but find a way to entice them to come back again. . . and again . . . and again.

Sports, sports, sports: Most retailers will admit that women are their most frequent shoppers, so why the sports theme? Put away your feminine and masculine stereotypes and take advantage of Spring sporting events to develop dazzling displays. Whether it’s March Madness, Opening Day of Major League Baseball or Derby Day in May, sporting events make great merchandising themes, and are easy to change in and out.

Go Green: Spring is about growth and rebirth, flowers, green grass and all of nature’s beauty. Spring also features Earth Day, and as we all know, today’s consumers are much more eco-friendly then they were a decade ago. Why not feature a “green” display, whether you’re highlighting the product, the packaging, the manufacturing process or all of the above? Tout your environmental awareness and celebrate our Earth!

Get Outdoors: Beautiful weather and getting outdoors is one of the reasons we love Spring. Why not plan an event outside? Take advantage of your parking lot or your sidewalk and enjoy the outdoors! You can go as simple as free balloons and some easy snacks, serve hotdogs or class things up a bit with some wine and hors d’oeuvres for your top customers. Any way you go, people love an opportunity to be outside and enjoy the warm weather and fresh smells of Spring.

Today’s temperatures and forecasts may not be focused on Spring, but you can be. And, with these fun, creative themes, you can build the displays that will entice customers to really jumpstart those spring sales!




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