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4 Easy Date Night Ideas for New Parents

Young couple in love outdoorsFrom books to websites, there are tons of resources for new moms – tracking your pregnancy, your baby’s first year, diet and nutrition, baby-proofing your house – the list goes on and on and on.

Here’s what the books and dotcoms don’t tell you;  Being a new mom can be lonely – it’s all about the baby, and it’s easy to get lost between What I Just Did for the Baby and What Baby Needs Next. The truth is, you’re not alone. In fact, your husband is right there with you, and he may feel even lonelier than you do. At least you can say you just bore life; he just watched.

For these reasons and so many others, it’s critical to find time to be a couple – get out of the house, talk with each other and remember the people you were before parenthood. We realize this is easier said than done but if you can book the babysitter, we’ll handle the rest.  We also understand you’re sleep deprived, so here’s a list of four fun, easy Date Night ideas, sure to please any couple:

  1. Dinner and A Movie:  It’s a dating cliché, but you never miss movies as much as when you become a new parent. So, get out, see the latest film, dine at a hip restaurant and take a break from baby bottles and bibs. However, a word of caution — catch the film first and food afterwards. No new parent should be in a dark theatre after 10pm! Secondly, a good movie gives you plenty of conversation topics over dinner so you don’t fall into the new-parent trap of only talking about the baby. It happens to the best of us, so consider yourself forewarned!
  2. A Bit of Culture:  As new parents, we spend our time covered in burp cloths, spit up, formula or baby food. For Date Night, why not dress up and go out for a bit of refinement? Visit a gallery or listen to some music; take in a play or a ballet. Get out of your mom clothes, take off the nursing bra and feel like an adult again! Both you and your husband will be glad you did.
  3. The Great Outdoors:  Who says Date Night needs to happen at night? If you’ve spent your days inside revolving around feedings, diaper changes and naps, there’s nothing like some fresh air to give you a new perspective. Go for a bike ride, a hike or a run together. If you’re feeling adventurous, make reservations for horseback riding or strap on some kneepads and wrist guards for a bit of rollerblading. Pack a picnic or head to your favorite lunch bistro afterwards. The outdoors, the endorphins and some quality time with the love of your life combine for a great time.
  4. The Staycation:  Rather than heading out, bring your baby to the sitter’s house and you and hubby reclaim your domicile. Lounge in your sweats, order take-out and watch Netflix together. Again, it’s about quality time so do whatever makes you happy.

And last but certainly not least, leave any parent guilt with your babysitter. Time away makes you a better person, spouse and parent – and you deserve it.

Happy Date Night from the Baby Pibu™ Team


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