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3 Easy Ways to Treat Baby Acne

iStock_000017949954_SmallWe all know about the dreaded acne. It seems that it strikes at the very worst times. As a teenager, it seemed to hit during class pictures. As an expecting mom, it comes about during your baby shower. And now, your precious little baby may experience baby acne as all those visitors come to meet the new addition.

Baby acne is usually caused by lingering maternal hormones, as well as oil and bacteria, and often occurs during the baby’s first two months. Like teenagers, it appears on the face and looks like red bumps and pustules and usually lasts for two to four weeks. It will often go away on its own. But don’t worry; baby acne is not likely to bother your baby at all. It may only bother you. Here are 3 easy ways to treat baby acne.

1. Wash away the culprit. Gently wash your baby’s face using a soft baby washcloth. Simply put a pea-size amount of tear-free baby wash on the washcloth, lather, and use gentle circular motions on the acne-affected areas. It’s okay to use a 2-in-1 hair and body wash like Baby Pibu’s Bathtime Wash. Be careful to avoid getting cleanser into the eyes. Doing this gentle washing will help to physically remove the oily, bacterial build-up that can cause acne.

2. Soothe that red, irritated skin. Apply a gentle baby cream like Baby Pibu’s Baby Butter to soothe the irritation the acne is causing to your baby’s sensitive skin. This will keep that delicate skin hydrated and will soothe the redness.

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3. Bring in the reinforcements. For times when you need the acne redness eased a bit faster, apply an over-the-counter 1% hydrocortisone cream twice daily for 1 to 2 days. Do not use the hydrocortisone cream for a longer period of time.

Baby acne is a common skin ailment for little ones, just like irritation from drool, eczema and cradle cap. To protect your baby’s skin from further irritation and redness caused by these other common skin conditions, apply a thin layer of baby ointment such as Baby Pibu’s Hydrating Ointment on the affected areas, especially at naptime and at bedtime. Babies usually start teething at around three months old but the teething and drooling could start earlier and occur at the same time as a baby acne flare-up. The protective layer of ointment on baby’s skin will help to minimize that irritation.

By using these 3 easy ways to treat baby acne, you’ll have your baby’s sweet skin back to it’s amazing self in no time!


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